Why you should visit Nozawa Onsen this winter

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Japan is definitely one of the best holiday destinations for the winter season, not only for its numerous tourist attractions and amazing culture, but also for its mesmerizing landscapes and the quality ski resorts. One great location for having the perfect holiday in Japan is Nozawa Onsen, so if you are planning to visit this part of the country, you should start looking for Nozawa Onsen accommodation on the numerous online platforms right away. Here are some good reasons why you should add Nozawa Onsen to your holiday list this winter.


It is generally agreed that festivals in Japan are breath taking, not only due to the costumes the participants have to wear, but also due to the atmosphere they create. There are numerous festivals happening in Japan all year round, but one of the most beautiful one is the Fire Festival that takes place in Nozawa Onsen every year in winter. The festival is considered a trademark for the area, because it is the biggest event happening in the region that manages to gather numerous visitors every year. The combination of fire and snow is definitely going to amaze you, so make sure you add this to your list when planning your holiday to Nozawa this winter.

Tourist attractions

If you are wondering what you can visit in this part of Japan, well you should know that one of the most famous tourist attractions here are the snow monkeys. You should ask the locals about the exact location where you can see them in their natural habitat or even do some research on the internet and learn more about these amazing creatures. Another thing that has made this location popular are the Soto-Yu locations, which in Japanese means “public hot spring bath”. There are numerous such bathhouses in Nozawa Onsen and the biggest of them all is O-Yu, which you should definitely visit. There is no entry-fee, although you are kindly requested to donate an amount of money at your desire that the locals will use in order to maintain and upkeep the bathhouses in good condition.

Outstanding landscapes

Another reason why you should consider visiting Nozawa Onsen in winter is for its quality ski resorts. There are numerous tourists that come in this region specifically for practicing ski, which has made the region quite popular not only in Japan, but in the rest of the world as well. What is more, the many hot springs in the area are perfect to spend the evening with your friends and family while admiring the outstanding Japanese landscapes. Another popular place that tourists prefer is Ashi No Yu, which in Japanese means “hot springs foot bath”. Besides benefiting from amazing scenery, you can relax your feet and have some great time.

Overall, these are some useful tips you should definitely take into account when planning your holiday to Nozawa Onsen, Japan. When searching for accommodation, make sure you select a reliable online platform and an apartment that suits your budget and needs.