Why is Cancun so magnetic?

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When choosing the perfect vacation many people decide on the destination based on the photos that are provided for them either by the travel advisor or the Internet. When it comes to choosing Cancun as your next holiday destination images are simply not enough in order to evoke the beauty of the place. Contrary to popular opinion, this destination is not just a long stretch of hotel properties and offers endless possibilities for shopping and exploring the local life. There are alto of things to see in Cancun besides the city itself. If you desire to have the time of your life, read the following guideline.


Mahahual completely transformed from a peaceful fishing town to a true tourist destination. Now the small town is constantly visited by cruise ships. The tourists as well as the occupant are able to go to town and to do whatever they like such as swimming, shopping and so on. The town is even better than the Playa del Carmen in the sense that it offers both charming scenery and white sandy beaches that are perfect for water sports. If you desire to avoid the hustle and bustle of the traffic, you can settle a few kilometers from the town center. The town is appealing in the sense that there are no large hotel chains and you can sit back and enjoy nature or visit some of the Mayan ruins from the classical period.

Isla Mujeres

Although it is smaller than Cozumel, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy a good shopping spree. Just like Mahahual it is very quiet and the town inhabitants literally close their stores at 6 o’clock. Many choose to go here only for a day trip and this is mainly due to the rich history. There are countless tales that say that the island was the place where the Mayans used to carry out fertility rituals. Although the town is not big, you can find numerous hotels where you can crash. In addition to this, there are many cruises that go to Isla Mujeres and include entertainment similar to those of carnivals. This way you can enjoy some music and dancing on the boat.

Xcaret Park

The theme park was originally built for preserving the ecotourism and it is located right near the archeological site. The main attraction of the theme park is represented by the cenotes which are basically sinkholes that were formed as the result of the collapsing of cave ceilings and the action of underground rivers. Tourists are invited to discover the river that passes through the Mayan village and in which they can either dive or snorkel. Additional recreational activities are offered at the beach, like swimming with dolphins and diving near the reefs. You are also given the chance of visiting the coral reef aquarium or the bird pavilion. When it comes to the more cultural attractions, mention can be made of the open church as well as replicas of Mayan villages or museums.