Why including the Blue Cave on Croatia places to see

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In the last years, Croatia is in the top of the most visited countries from Europe, and if you wonder why, well, you should know that it hides some of the most amazing natural attractions from the continent. The shore is surrounded by over a thousand islands, reefs and islets, and if you are passionate of discovering natural beauties, then this is the perfect place to visit. When booking your trip to Croatia you might want to visit all the touristic attractions, but you will not have time, so you should focus on seeing only the most important ones, or the ones that raise your interest. One of the most famous places is the Blue Cave Croatia, one of the greatest wonders from the European continent.

Why should I visit the Blue Cave?

If you are the type of person who likes to see the most interesting places from the countries you visit, then you should not skip this one, which is considered one of the unique natural phenomena of the world. The Blue Cave is seen as a hidden treasure, because it is accessible only by boat, and when you reach it, its silvery-blue waters will immediately charm you. The cave features a crack in the stone, which allows the sunlight to enter inside it, and the light refraction creates the beautiful color of the water. No one of the visitors left indifferent after seeing it, and all of them think that such a beauty is rare to see. This cave was not open to public until recent days, so you will be one of the few visitors, who has the chances to see it before the rest of the world even hears of its presence.

How can I get to the Blue Cave?

When you decided to visit Croatia, you definitely planned to get to Split, one of the most amazing locations from this country. So after admiring the beauties of this Dalmatian town, you should take into consideration taking one of the private tours, and visit the Blue Cave. It is recommended to book this trip ahead, because since its opening, so many people want to see it, and you might not find any free place exactly in the day of your arriving in Split. Usually these tours start in the morning hours, so you will have to arrive in Split the night before, for being sure that you get in time to the harbor. Getting to the blue Cave is not as complicated as you might think, because professional companies offer the trips, and you only have to book it, and get to the boat at the states time. Because the trip might last some hours, it is advisable to take water and something to eat with you, but also do not forget the swim suit and towels, because it might not be allowed to swim in the Blue Cave, but there will also be other stops in the way.