Where to go for a Stag and Hen party you cannot forget

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If your stag and hen party is approaching faster than you think and you have absolutely no idea what location should you book for a perfect night out with your friends, then you are in the perfect place to solve your issue. Stag and Hen Parties Newcastle are the best when it comes to a complete party experience and this is why if you are close by you should definitely not lose the opportunity. Considering this, you should start getting informed about what opportunities you have there and how can you experience the absolute best time of your life. This being said, try reading below about locations and activities:

Party buses

Have you ever thought of holding a party inside of a bus while your driver takes you around the town? This is a great way to start an epic stag or hen night. You will only have to reach a provider who offers a specially designed bus for hosting a certain number of people, choose the music and the drinks and all is left to do is have lots and lots of fun. Although it might sound crazy it will be the experience of your life and you never know if you will try this ever again. Not everybody is crazy enough to rent a party bus.

Pole dancing

What is a stag or hen party without pole dancers? You can try program pole dancing courses for yourself or hire professionals to bring a spicy touch to your party. After all, this is the night where everyone should have as much fun as possible and a stripper will surely represent eye-candy for all the present participants. Yes, it might sound a little bit dirty, but pole dancing became so natural when talking about such parties that no one will blink an eye. Everyone will enjoy it and that’s what’s incredibly important.

Photo shoots

Setting up funny photo shoots represents a way you will make this party be forever in your memory. Choosing the location should be done by asking everyone what they would prefer. This way, you will brainstorm your ideas and something good will come up for sure. Try renting costumes too. You will surely have a serious laugh, especially when you will look at the photos ten years from now on.


A great venue for a stag and hen party is a casino. Going to a luxurious casino to spend one of the craziest nights of your life sounds like an ideal option. Think about all the possibilities you have inside of a casino: poker, slots and so many more. Be open to new ideas and choose out of ordinary locations to get the best out of the time spent with your friends. A stag and hen party is essential to build quality memories with them, so don’t lose the opportunity no matter what.