What to visit in Zurich

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Zurich is the metropolis that top spot in the top European cities with the highest standard of living, while being the most crowded city in terms of urban of Switzerland. Zurich is considered the country’s financial capital and cultural while the political capital is Bern.

Zurich has another feature, is located in the linguistic area of German influence, but in fact the language that is spoken here is a dialect called German Swiss, which is based on German, but “spiced” with many words borrowed from other areas of influence of the country (French, Italian also even English).

Zurich is the largest city and the commercial heart of Switzerland, located in the canton Zurich, to the north of the Swiss Alps and stretches along the green banks of Zurich Lake. Old buildings sit perfectly like a picturesque also colorful long bead, so around the lake and along the Limmat River, which cuts up and down the town.

To visit Zurich you will need at least five days. You will have to find a nice hotel to stay, maybe if your pocket supports in a central area to be near every attraction point. Zurich hotels provide the best services even if we talk about three or four stars, you will have everything you need with a lower price.

The lake is fed by the water surprisingly clear and clean from the Limmat river that crosses Zurich.

A great pleasure and a walk is a unique one on Bahnhofstrasse or Street Station, which is the main street of town, crossed by blue trams, cars and a little more crowded and agitation. You must be careful when you cross the street, because trams are extremely quiet, you do not hear them approach. Indeed, they make no noise. What would be their secret?

Bahnhofstrasse is actually the pulsating activity part of the city. The street, which it can be called a wide boulevard, it seemed quite long, decorated with many beautiful buildings, elegant, where the residences of many bank headquarters, and company boutiques, shopping centers, where prices are proportional with pockets or Swiss bank accounts, but you can see also a building business, old, that it is called the Weber House.

In Zurich, the oldest symbols of the city and its treasures can be called the three churches, whose presence is made known by their towers that stand out clearly. They are Fraumünster, Grossmünster and St. Peterskirche.

There are much more things to be told about Zurich, but it is best if you could discovering by yourself by visiting Zurich.