What to visit in Washington DC

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Washington DC is situated on the opposite side San Francisco on the east side of the United States of America, thus it has the same temperate climate, but since it is situated inland the winters are more forgiving. We recommend tourists to visit this city during the summer since that is the best time of the year when you can admire all the things that this marvelous city has to offer.

If you are passionate about history, Washington DC is the place to go since it has more than most of the other American cities can offer. The number of monuments it holds is so great that you will reqire more than a day to visit them all.

Here are some of the ones that you should not miss if you only have a limited time to spend in the Capital city of the US. Lincoln Memorial is a monument built in the memory of one of the former presidents of the United States of America and can be visited 24 hours per day every day. Even though the best time to visit this monument is at night there is no staff to guide you after midnight.

If not for its historical meaning as a structure that represents the ideals of a former President of the US, the Washington Monument should at least be visited because at the time of its completion it was the tallest building in the world back in 1884. Besides, there is no fee to visit this monument unless you reserve tickets online where you will be charged a small fee.

Washington National Cathedral represents a good retreat for those tourists that got bored with all the monuments that they viewed. As with most religious places there is no fee to visit this Washington DC cathedral but small donations are appreciated. If you desire to witness a worshiping day here you will have to visit the Washington National Cathedral on a Sunday morning.

No matter what you do just remember to book a trip to the White House at least 6 months earlier if you plan on take a tour of the house which accommodated and still accommodates the presidents of the United States of America since the time of John Adams back in 1801. As you reach Washington DC, just be prepared to endure the security checks that you have to pass trough before you are admitted inside.