What to visit in Virgin Islands

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The location and history of the U.S. Virgin Islands has resulted in a unique blend of Danish and American influences, with the addition of friendly and relaxed attitude typically to caraibene area. Danish heritage is evident in Christiansted found the largest island, St. Croix, whose historic sites include Fort Christianvaern from 1774. Also the Danish island of St. Thomas keeps influence – in the capital Charlotte Amalie old warehouses were converted into modern boutiques.

If you yearn for wonderful landscapes visit the island of St. John – no airport and two thirds of the territory is covered by national park. The island has many hiking trails, including trails for families with children. Diving is also a favorite activity on the island of St. John – some beaches have beautiful coral reefs offshore including teeming colorful fish and other marine animals. If you plan trying activities like this, we recommend you compare travel insurance quotes and get the coverage that you need. Of course activities like diving are done under strict safety rules and everyone is always safe, but isn’t it also better to be insured and know that if something goes wrong you won’t have to worry about hospital bills or other costs? And if you plan on time and get to compare travel insurance quotes, you will also have the change of getting a cheaper deal, or one which offers you the exact coverage that you need at a decent price.

St. Croix has an area of remarkable diversity, from lush rain forest to desert vegetation. St. Thomas is the largest and most cosmopolitan of the islands. Water Island is the smallest and most recent acquisition of US Virgin Islands. Number of inhabitants is below 500 and is the best choice for a getaway far from civilization, in full relaxation.

One of the best places to travel during your vacation on US Virgin Islands is the island of St. Croix, the largest of the Virgin Islands. Christiansted is one of the two main towns and presents Danish influences – Fort Christiansværn (dating from 1774), government buildings and Art Gallery. Outside town is the Rum Distillery where visitors can taste Cruz rum and can track the manufacturing process. On the way to Frederiksted is Whim Greathouse, where you can capture life on the plantations of the eighteenth century. Frederiksted is also of Danish origin and has a nearby rainforest.

Navigate to Buck Island, where you can easily reach through the 10 km channel that separates it from Christiansted. Off the island are the most impressive gardens marine a protected reef area.

Another best place to travel on the US Virgin Islands is St. John. You found peace on St. John, the most savage of the islands. It hasn’t an airport, two thirds of the island consists of deep valleys and most shores are included in Virgin Islands National Park. Cruz Bay is a small town that offers souvenir shops and dive centers. A beautiful beach is Trunk Bay. The accommodation on the island is limited – Caneel Bay is a luxury resort, Cinnamon Bay and Maho Bay camping spaces and you can rent cabins.