What to visit in Vancouver

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If you decide to visit Vancouver you can do so all year long since it offers you a great variety of places where you can entertain yourself on the costal line on the pecks of the mountains or in the city itself.

Vancouver is not just a seaside port of the British Columbian province but is the biggest metropolis of the west side of Canada. This city is one of the cities with the best developed winter sports in the world. So if you ever wondered where and what are the conditions that athletes have to endure to be in their best shape for their competitions, this is the place to go.

Of course there are plenty of places to hang out if you want to enjoy a marvelous night life in Vancouver but you can just as well explore your intellectual side by visiting one of the museums or libraries in this big metropolis.

A trip in the nature can take you to the parks or to the gardens that Vancouver has to offer. So you can choose to go to Stanley Park which offers many opportunities for children to enjoy themselves. Or you can go to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden where you can have a relaxing time with your entire family by admiring the bamboos and the rocks that are carefully arranged among the Chinese constructions while listening to traditional Chinese music.

If you’re passionate about skiing you can choose a trip to Grouse Mountain where you can easily reach its peak by sky ride gondola. From here you have a variety of winter sports to choose from including skiing. You could also hike up to the top if you’re up for the task and if you enjoy breaking a sweat. During these hike you can choose to cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge which is 450 foot long and 230 foot long that extends over the Capilano River offering the most wonderful view that you ever witnessed.

If you’re not interested in going outside the city of Vancouver you can make use of the many tourist destinations that this metropolis has to offer like the University of British, Columbia Museum of Anthropology where you can spend hours admiring the wanders of the world. Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is another great way of making the best use of your time where the children enjoy themselves while watching various marine life, or you could wash your eyes with the works of art that are exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery.