What to visit in San Francisco

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San Francisco is situated on the West side of the American Continent thus it benefits of a temperate oceanic climate which recommends it for tourist’s Holidays all year long but mostly during the summer season where you can benefit from the full power of the sun.

During the summer you can fully enjoy yourself by practicing nautical sports as surfing, renting a ski jet, kayak, or swimming near the coast line. But the biggest attraction of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge which is one of the longest and tallest suspension bridges in the world, thus offering a unique feeling both if viewed from the ground and by passing it. The view that you get by looking from or to the Golden Gate Bridge is simply breath taking since it stretches along the bay of San Francisco.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a must see neighborhood of San Francisco mostly since it is here where you can find the Musee Mecanique (Mechanical Museum) which is the greatest mechanical museum in the world. You can see exponents such as the only steam powered motorcycle in the world or a fortune telling machine that speaks. The access to this museum is done trough a mechanical mouth.

Alcatraz Island is another touristic destination that shouldn’t miss from your tourist scheme. The Island of Alcatraz is part of the San Francisco city even though it is situated in the golf of San Francisco which has some of the most dangerous maritime currents in the entire region. That is exactly what made this Island the perfect place to build one of the most secure prisons in the world. At the moment it is a museum and it is viewable from many spots of the city including from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Union Square is one of the top priorities for any tourist that first steps foot in San Francisco; it is a place where you can find the funky stile of life that you dreamed off. It is the place that tourists and locals chose to spend their nights having fun. And since it is right next from the renowned China town, the place that can cure any type of hangover with ease it should be on any young tourist list to visit.


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