What to visit in San Diego

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Sun, surf and beautiful scenery are the qualities that most visitors valued to San Diego. Located in the southernmost corner of California coast, the city is blessed with sunshine and temperate climate all year in almost all winter months. Many travelers come here just to experience Southern California paradise.

Surrounded by long sandy peninsulas (called islands by locals), San Diego is the ideal holiday. Beautiful beaches and overlooking the luxurious districts “jewel” cliffs from San Diego-La Jolla.

World Marina, located on the shores of Mission Bay is the second “jewel” of the city. This is the closest connection to the ocean and, in many aspects, is the identity of the city. As marine wildlife conservation center and source of public education, its name is inextricably linked to San Diego.

The links of the city with the sea are more obvious in the presence of a crowd of people sunbathe in bikinis and barefoot that fills the city, especially north of Mission Bay, where small shops, cafes and restaurants on the beach are the heart and soul of Southern Californian lifestyle.

One of the attractions of the city is the San Diego Zoo, where you can see all kinds of animals from monkeys to different kinds of birds. The San Diego Zoo fee is $ 40 by person, but it really worth the price because the Zoo is very wide and will represent a great way to be close to nature.

Balboa Park – a beautiful area with museums (Chinese Historical Museum, Ball International Museum, Natural History Museum, New Childern’s Museum), exhibitions of painting, flower gardens and floral arrangements. The entry can be paid separately in each museum or you can get a passport for $ 45 which includes visits to 14 museums in seven days. Gardens are visited generally free, but some are paid. Especially is worth visiting cactus flower garden and Japanese Friendship Garden San-Kei-En.

Old Town, where you can visit for free and which reflects American society that we often seen it in westerns also deserves to be visited.

San Diego California is also a city of sun and ocean. The beaches are spacious, with fine sand and the prohibition of alcohol, tobacco or using glass bottles on the beach. Ocean water is cold, although it is late June or early July. Small streets leading to the cliff and the ocean are charming.

San Diego California is definitely one of the great destinations in the United States.


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