What to visit in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico attracts active travelers looking to spice a little the holiday! From hiking through the woods to experience local cuisine, an infusion of classic and delicious Caribbean food, and to romantic walks on the beach under the moonlight, almost any desired type of holiday can be found in the land of your dreams, Puerto Rico.

Whether you dream of spectacular waves just good for surfing, challenging golf course, or the perfect beach to get tan, Puerto Rico vacation offers the active traveler a tremendous range of opportunities. Surf and golf compete with tennis, fishing, kayaking, diving, riding, not to mention windsurfing and parasailing, to earn your time for various activities. Constant summer weather begs you to enjoy your favorite sport.

With hundreds of miles of shoreline and eternal summer weather, Puerto Rico vacation offers a different beach for every day of the year, from pure white dunes of Isabela, to the volcanic sands of Punta Santiago in Maunabo. You can even choose the level of adventure, a walk in the Luquillo crystalline shallows to a noisy frolicking in the waves of Rincon.

Tropical waters of Puerto Rico are any diver’s paradise. The average ocean temperature is 27 degrees C and visibility is very good. Although more experienced divers may prefer diving off the boat, there are many places – especially on the coast near Aguadilla and north-eastern Isabela – for diving close to shore just as impressive. For snorkeling, not very deep reefs near San Juan, Dorado, Mayaguez and Humacao are excellent.

Wherever you choose to go, you will certainly find a tropical flora and fauna will certainly eclipse the most beautiful aquarium you’ve ever seen. Enter the waters of Puerto Rico and will be introduced to seahorses that look like the chess knights on horseback, the unusual-arrow crabs, the colorful parrot fish, and octopus, among endless sergeant schools and other colorful reef fish.

If nothing else, Puerto Rico travels offers diversity. On a small island whose ends are at a distance of only three hours drive apart, you can experience thousands of years of history and four distinct cultures. Investigate ancient Indian ceremonial parks, compare two of the oldest and most architecturally interesting Spanish colonial churches, or visit a coffee plantation from 19 century still active. Review a pair of the most complex and largest fortified castle built like Spanish colonists in the New World.