What to visit in Prague

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Prague, just as all the most capital cities of the Europe can be visited in any of the seasons of the year, the imposing structures are placed in the spotlight both by the shiny summer of the summer and by the brightness of the snow. Prague is split into two sides the old town and the new town.

If you are close to the fine arts such as opera spectacles and ballet, theater scenes, National Theater (Národní divadlo) of Prague comes to meet your needs with renowned actors and plays of the best quality. For around 50$ you will enjoy a moving play that is not only well played but also subtitled in English making it easy to follow by any tourists that knows this internationally spoken language.

The Prague Astronomical Clock is a must see piece of Czech craftsmanship and although you might think that this clock is broken at a first glance you should think again or look again. It doesn’t actually show the hour of the day but it shows the phases of the moon making it a very special tool. By passing by Old Town Square you will definitely have your view pointed to this Prague wander which will show you the equinoxes.

Traveling a lot might bring you in some places that you wouldn’t want to be but whenever you need guidance you are sure to find understanding and warm worlds from the religious people. Prague has one of the greatest Cathedrals in Europe. St. Vitus Cathedral (Chrám svatého Víta) is appreciated both from the religious point of view and from the architectural point of view. The exceptional Gothic styles makes out of this cathedral one of the most visited buildings from Prague.

On your trip through the old town you should take your time and visit the Charles Bridge (Karluv most).This will immerse you in the atmosphere of the old town where you will be able to admire the 30 statues that ate placed on both sides of the length of the bridge.

A nice change of pace is given by the modern and nonconformist architectural style approached in the new town side of Prague. We can remark the Dancing House which is a structure that you might think that it came to life from a painting of Picaso. It was constructed in 1992 and although it is not accessible for tourists in the inside, the originality of the design and the uniqueness of the structure makes you want to take a picture of it.