What to visit in New York

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One of the beautiful cities in the world is definitely… New York. Called the city of all possibilities, it really offers you a lot if you are thinking to visit New York.

If you are searching for diversity well here you will find it. New York City is not only the most populous city from the United States but also the city with the biggest variety of people from romantic artist to office peoples such as lawyers, variety of food, of culture. There are pretty awesome thing about New York that haven’t been told in the movies or in the books, you will have to live it in your own skin.

Perhaps you already know the attractions of New York City. If you decide for a quiet time, away from cars and crowds well the Central Park will be perfect, or if you want to see imposing buildings in that case Manhattan it’s your destination.

Also very famous in New York is the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now that you have decided to travel to New York you are maybe wondering when it is the right time to travel. The answer is simple: anytime you want because no matter how the weather is you will still have a lot to do in New York anytime of the year.

What are unique about New York, beside all its attractions, are the people. Very friendly but also very innovative you will see different and great street shows from flash mobs to free style dancers, singers and so on. The people are full of energy and joy and that is unique about New York.

To truly visit New York you will need all your savings because, well New York is a very expensive city. In order to not spend all of your money in the first days you should consider the following tips: avoid cabs, they are very accessible, yes, but they are definitely not efficient; do not eat in fancy restaurants each day or you will have to eat from the street vendors the rest of your stay.

Respecting these useful advices you will perhaps saving for a Broadway ticket or a museum entrance.
If you are interested in shopping the 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue are the right place, but also you could try the boutiques from East Village and SoHo.

After a New York travel you will want to come back for sure, because visiting New York just once it is not enough.