What to visit in Montreal

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Surrounded by the arms of the river St. Laurent, Montreal is an island geographically and linguistically, the heart of Quebec, the only French speaking province of Canada. History of bloody battles of the past centuries between the English and French is still painfully sensitive and divide of this province into two loneliness people that still seem to be on the barricades. Montreal is a lovely city to visit and if you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience, you can rent an Ottawa limo.

Therefore it is preferable that in the eastern half of the city to chiefly use French while in the western English.

From the airport, the bus 747 will bring you to the city center, a ticket price being $ 2.75. By taxi will cost about $ 50. Is public transport not to your linking? Then you can have a relaxing experience and rent an Ottawa limo. This way, you will avoid noise and crowds.  If you were wondering about Montreal hotels, in the center are many hotels, which are centrally located with access for two metro lines (green and orange line), accommodation is around $ 200 per night. If it seems too expensive there so called auberges, which are tiny and cheaper but quite dubious and very noisy.

Assuming that you have chosen a downtown hotel, the first day of travel we will propose a visit to Centre Ville, recommended on foot and a map in hand. Orientation is simple because the streets are straight and perpendicular.

The center is a typical North American architectural mix, the old buildings bordering majestic skyscrapers of glass. If you are romantic, you can rent a chariot ($ 50 hour) and you will get from the driver also tourist explanations.

Very impressive are: City Hall, Notre Dame, Archaeological Museum, Jacques Cartier Monument, the port, with terraces, luxurious boutiques and craft mooring all summer, the Science Center (free numerous exhibitions and IMAX cinema).

If you are coming in summer, the Place des Arts is the space of a multitude of festivals, where in the evening the performances are free (Film Festival, Francophone, Juste pour rire (Right for laugh), etc.)
For shopping enthusiasts, the famous company shops are strung like beads: Zara, Simons, Tommy Hilfigger, Jacobs, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Gap, Old Navy or The Bay shopping complexes, Ogilvie, Centre Eaton, and Montreal Trust. All these huge shopping complexes are linked by an underground subway network, which stretches over 20 miles and not even need to get out of the ground (especially if you choose a winter trip to minus 40 degrees .) We must say that the subway is always about 18 degrees, including when it is very cold outside.

Around the subway stations are grouped Botanical Garden, Biodome, Maisonneuve Park, Leaning Tower also the Olympic Complex.

Montreal Canada sure will be a very pleasant vacation for you, the people are very friendly so even if you go by yourself you won’t be alone.