What to visit in Maui

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Maui Hawaii is one of the exotic destinations for vacation that the island offers. One vacation in Maui will be a perfect way to relax, enjoy sun and practice some water sports.

On arrival in Maui you will be welcomed with a typical Hawaiian ceremony- lei greeting, in which you will receive traditional garland of flowers symbol of hospitality and friendship, great start for a memorable holiday.

In the time spent Maui you can enjoy beach, sun or to visit the island. You can visit the Museum of Arts and Culture Maui you can book a day for swimming and snorkeling beach on the island famous Kaanapali Beach; we recommend you to visit the historic town of Lahaina and spend a day snorkeling at Molokin Crater. Maui Island offers exciting activities like diving a submarine, boat rides, racing surfing, paragliding; mountain biking enthusiasts can rent bicycles that can cross the alpine trails and hiking enthusiasts can take a tour in the volcano crater off, where can eat. In Maui hula performances are always present. In coastal waters can be made pleasure cruises kayaking, and in the north of the island can be made hiking to admire the foamy waterfalls spectacle.

Now that you found out what experiences you may enjoy in Maui Hawaii, you may be wondering when it is the right time to visit the island. The best time for a vacation in Maui is between April and May but also between September and November. These periods are perfect for a family trip, the costs are a little lower so you will find a convenient room rate.

If you are afraid of big waves you should avoid visiting Maui Hawaii during the winter, the waves are very big, more for surfing than splashing.

Maui is one of the largest islands of Hawaii. Diverse landscape changes from one location to another: tropical forests, snowy increases, parks lush plants, waterfalls, lagoons and sandy beaches. It is just perfect if you want to be in touch with nature, because the island really can offer you the whole package: mountains, beaches, ocean, sand, forests.

A special experience is offered by trips in areas with whales, which migrate to Hawaiian waters in the period from December to May. Come from the coast lands of Alaska and Arctic Canada but between Christmas and Easter, departure to Hawaii’s warm waters to copulate. Puppies whales can be seen accompanying their mothers and often swim under their massive body to be protected.

A vacation in Maui Hawaii will not charge you only with positive energy but also with beautiful memories and experiences.