What to visit in London

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London is one of the primary tourists attractions in England being its capital city and being part of the country’s history helped it become as well known as it is today. Such places are the London Tower, the London Bridge, the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

No matter which season you chose to visit London just remember to bring an umbrella but if you want to be able to have your hands as empty as possible pick the summer season for your travels. Even though the temperature is constant most of the year, during the winter season the snow might get in the way of your tourist experience.

The London Eye is one of the new tourist attractions and is considered an achievement of technology. The Giant ride was not meant to give tourists a thrilling experience from the spinning effect of the weal but it instead has as its purpose the offering of the best possible views of this mesmerizing city. However if you’re not the person that likes heights this might not be the place for you.

Since we were talking about history we find it appropriate to bring art on the table as well so we are suggesting a trip to the Natural History Museum, National Gallery or to Victoria and Albert Museum. As a tourist you will be thrilled to know that you can visit these three destinations for free and the amount of exponents that you will be able to admire is huge, you will probably require an entire day just to march trough them.

Trafalgar Square makes you want to live in London by exposing to you a good taste merge of the past with the present while still living space for the future. The current scheme of the square was completed in 1845.

You can also view one of the parks like the St. James’s Park or the Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill or you could go and do some shopping in Camden Market or in the Old Spitalfields Market.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is another must see place in London and it happens to serve more than one purpose nowadays. It is not a place where only religious people go to feel closer to their creator but also a place where tourists can enjoy one of the most breath taking views over the city.