What to visit in Lisbon

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Lisbon can be admire from a up top perspective by using the Santa Justa Elevator (Elevador de Santa Justa)which is a building that makes use of a combination of art forms and architectural styles.
Situated in the south west of Portugal, Lisbon merges the architectural style of the Moorish with the classical architectural style of Europe as a follow-up of the colonialist history.

If you choose to visit Lisbon we recommend you to do so during the summer since during that season the sun that reflects itself from the white buildings can be admired by tourists. Such a place can be the Alfama neighborhood which is characterized by the traditional buildings that are realized with straight walls and roofs covered with red tiles that create a nice contrast with the blue water and the sky. Here is the place where you will also find the St. George’s Castle and the Sé Cathedral of Lisbon.

St. George’s Castle can be accessed by paying a moderate fee but that is not something that should let you down. Although if you can’t get your heart in your palm and overcome the fear of entering the crumbling walls of this castle, you can still admire the outer walls from a distance from a safer place, but this is still an important historical location of Lisbon that is worth having on your too-visit list.

The Sé de Lisboa Cathedral is another majestic construction that was built in the 12’Th century style that was at that time, the Romanesque architectural style. And since it is opened every day of the week and is free to visit this makes for a great choice that will still allow you to get on with your other tourist attraction visits of Lisbon.

Oceanarium of Lisbon (Oceanario de Lisboa) is a great place to spend a few hours of your trip with your children admiring the biggest variety of marine life and the largest indoor aquarium in Portugal and form Europe. Children also love souvenirs but unfortunately the aquarium doesn’t sell any but you can acquire some from Feira da Ladra which is a specially arranged market and although the name of the market is translated as the Thieves market the merchandise can be securely bought since everything Is legal.

A great touristic interest of Lisbon is represented by museums and monuments such as Gulbenkian Museum (Museu Calouste Gulbenkian)and Gulbenkian Museum (Museu Calouste Gulbenkian). Just as much interest is expressed toward the seaside town of Cascais.