What to visit in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is the second most important city in the UK after London and is wonderful. Totally different from London with another air, has a charm all over being the capital Scotland and you hear sounds of bagpipes, both in stores and on the streets, and see in Scottish’s kilt anywhere. Scotland is unusual but they care very much about their traditions and are upset if you put in the same pot with the English.

In fact, neither too reconciled with each other because of frequent conflicts, their national hero William Wallace being one lait plea present everywhere while consider him a traitor Englishmen. Passing over these aspects Edinburgh comprises the old and the new, the old is a beautiful medieval town, from castle, situated on an extinct volcano lit at night only by torches, which must be visited once arrived here, and culminating with narrow streets in town, with stores of whiskey, famous thoroughfare medieval Royal Mile, the huge cathedral St. Giles, and others.

Edinburgh hotels are very comfy they offer you just you need and the Scottish style is present everywhere. You can choose to live in a Castle Hotel that can offer you a lot of benefits such as spa, hydrotherapies and so on.

It does not matter when you choose to visit Edinburgh because there are a lot of festivals scattered the whole year so you will have a lot to see and to enjoy.

One of them is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, one of the largest arts festivals in the world, began on August 3, due to be held for almost a month and hosted a record over 2,000 performances.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (August 3 to 25) combines dance performances, music and theater, watched by thousands of visitors who come each year, on this occasion, in the capital of Scotland.

Edinburgh Festival is a venue for big names from British theater, but comedy awards offered in the annual event is a springboard for theater companies around the world, from Australia to the United States.

Despite the problems it has faced with the e-ticketing, sales were quite good in the opening event, with a low number of American visitors compared to last year, while the number of Europeans who came to see shows increased, as evidence of growing purchasing power of euro.

There are plenty another festivals in Edinburgh so you do not have to worry if you will not be on time for this one.


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