What to visit in Crete

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Legend says that the island of Crete is the birthplace of Zeus, father of all gods. Mother of Zeus, Rea came to Crete with the help of Gaia and Uranus that he was afraid of Cronos, father of Zeus, who used to devour their children so they do not usurp power. Zeus was born in a cave and was raised by nymphs. After a fierce battle with Cronus, Zeus became the father of all gods.

Full of mythological stories the realm of Crete is unique by its clear waters and sandy beaches but also by the entire history that is still present on the island.

If you decide to visit Crete you should know that the hotels in Create offer great rates for great conditions. In general, at any hotel you stay, you are very close to Heraklion or even in Heraklion. This means that you are somewhere near the middle of the north of the island.

Knossos Palace is located 5 km east of Heraklion, the capital city. The first palace of Knossos was built around 1900 BC, but 200 years later was destroyed by an earthquake and then was reconstruted. Palace of Knossos was the capital of the United Minoian and administrative center, the region’s economic and religious.

Tourists can visit the Minoan palace ruins and surrounding homes (Little Palace, Caravanserai, House of the Frescoes, etc.), ordinary homes and cemetery. The palace was a maze built around a central courtyard, which included places of worship, workshops and warehouses.

Phaistos Palace (also called Phestos or Festos) is located at 63 km southwest of Heraklion and about 78 km southeast of Rethymno, in the middle shelf Messaria.

The Palace of Phaistos is the second important Minoan period palace. He had been founded by Minos (according to Diodoros Sikeliotis’s theory) or by Phestos son of Herclule (according to Pafsanias and Stefanos Vyzantios).

Archaeological Museum is housed in the Venetian church San Fransesco. Museum exhibits, from West Crete and other areas, dating from the Neolithic until the Latin period and include statues, inscriptions, weapons, coins and jewelry.

Crete offers many alternatives for those who are in search of adventures and unique experiences. Crete is the place for sports fans because the island landscape is rich and varied and offers the possibility to practice many sports.There are also several camping areas for those who want to sleep in the open sky, near the sea.

With a Northern – African climate and Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, the temperature in Crete in the summer until the late autumn is just perfect for your vacation.