What to visit in Berlin

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Berlin is the capital of Germany which is a country situated in the center of Europe, thus it can be visited in any season but it would be preferred to schedule your trip there during the summer because of its temperate continental climate.

The ideological fight that marks the history of Berlin is reflected by the monuments and museums that are spread across the city. We can find here also the Parlament building and the building where the UNESCO association was founded.

Museums such as Museumsinsel (Museum Island) Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe that are a must see in order to fulfill your tourist appetite for history and your thirst for knowledge. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe situated in Berlin is not just a view of the entire Germany but of the entire European continent or actually of the entire world, here is being brought homage to all the ones that died during the Holocaust.

If you decided to follow our advice and the weather is sunny you can then enjoy a day in the Viktoriapark where you can either just watch other people enjoying themselves by engaging in activities such as singing under the trees or playing games with balls or you can start hiking the park’s hill which offers a breathtaking panorama of Berlin. Thus making it the perfect choice when it comes to quality time spent with your entire family.

A different alternative for spending time close to nature is given to us by the Tiergarten Park which translated means animal garden where you can take long and relaxing walks on the paths that are surrounded by reach trees. You might also encounter some small wild life in this park which is situated in the middle of Berlin. And considering that this tourist attraction is available 24/7 and free of charge you should consider it.

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) was built by King Frederick Wilhelm II and represents one of the most appreciated sites of Berlin by tourists and is situated in Pariser Platz and his architecture is similar to the Acropolis entrance from Athens.

Berlin Zoo
(Zoologischer Garten) represents one of the greatest tourist attractions that this big metropolis has to offer to tourists that come to visit with the entire family. Here, children can admire over 14000 animals kept in captivity. Such as zebras, lions, monkeys and many others.