What to visit in Barcelona

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Barcelona makes for a great tourist destination if you’re planning to take a vacation in Europe. Being a port city to the Mediterranean Sea it has more tourist attractions to offer then other on land cities. If you are planning to visit this city we recommend you to do so in the summer however the weather is pleasant in this region of the globe most of the year, but still we wouldn’t recommend you do go during the winter since the weather can get quite cold.

Depending on where in the city do you want to stay you might find hotel accommodations at prices that can reach and overcome the 90 Euros per night for rooms that have a sea side view. Although you can pick up all sort of souvenirs we think that the best think that you can buy as souvenirs are clothes especially since you can come across handmade ones at reasonable prices.

Most of the tourist objectives that are worth visiting in Barcelona are quite pricy the ticket for one person is roughly 20 Euros. The food is exquisite and it’s not to expensive for only 10 Euros you can get a dish of roasted chicken with fried potatoes and a bear.

If you’re just passing by trough Barcelona you won’t be able to visit all that you can visit in this city no one can say that they have visited all that there is to be seen in this city in just a few hours it takes a few days to do so. We can tell you about a few locations that you should visit but we can’t pick the ones that you shouldn’t since all of them are unique in their own way.

Here are a few locations that you might not even know that they are worth visiting. Poble Espagnol, Parc de Ciutadella, Maritim Museum, Picasso Museum, and Joan Miro Museum are just a few of the places that not usually appear on the guide books but that should.

With its long clean beaches and clear water and with all the history that is pouring trough all its veins, Barcelona might be the best tourist destination that you can choose, I know that it is the most beautiful city that I visited. A memorable view was the one I witnessed at Fornt Magica, the magic fountain where I so a beautiful and immersive audio and visual symphony.  Barcelona is a very busy city and the atmosphere is always captivating especially around tourist objectives.