What to do if you lose your car keys on holiday

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So you’re going on holiday by car! The hotel is booked, the engine is full, your bags are packed and you have only days of fun and relaxation to look forward to. What could possibly go wrong? Actually, one of the most common details that ruin tourists’ holiday are the small, yet important car keys. Without them, you might have to lose a precious day in the middle of nowhere and things can get even worse if you also bring your kids along or you happen to be travelling to a secluded, off the maps place. There are many terrifying stories of tourists who lost their keys in countries where they couldn’t speak the language or who locked their kids and pets inside. Some even managed to flush their cars down the toilet or throw them in the trashcan. The first piece of advice you will get is not to travel with only one set of keys and have some spare car keys done before you go. But what can you do when the bad has already been done and you’re stuck outside the car, with your keys locked inside or nowhere in sight? Here is are some useful tips that can put you back on the road.

First of all, don’t panic. Unlocking your car in emergency situations is easier than it used to be, so don’t rush for a heavy object to break the window, unless of course you’re in a serious situation and a passenger inside risks getting hurt. Emergency auto locksmiths are the ones that can save your day when you can no longer get in your car. If you didn’t save the contact detail of a professional company before going on holiday, look online and see what auto locksmiths are available in your area. Most people take their smartphones, tablets and laptops on holiday, so use the Internet to find one. If you happen to be near a gas station, restaurant, hotel or other such facilities, maybe you can use the Wi-Fi there. If that’s not possible, or you can use mobile data to surf the web or you can call someone at home to check what companies are available. If you manage to find the number of a reliable emergency auto locksmith in your area, your day is saved, because these technicians use special mobile equipment to unlock your car door in a short time.


If your car key was inside, you can be on your way in less than an hour, if you’re lucky. However, if the key is lost, you’ll have to make a detour and have the car towed to a service where you can have another key made. This takes more time and you’ll waste precious hours of your road trip, but unfortunately, it’s the only option. Also, remember that you will need to provide proof of car ownership to the auto locksmith and also the following details: car make and model, year of manufacturing, registration, your address and post code. Official dealership can also offer this service, but going to them is rarely the best option, because the prices are very high and you might have to wait for weeks until you receive your new keys, which is unfeasible while travelling.