What can Richmond upon Thames offer you?

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Sometimes, exploring new surroundings does not have to mean traveling to a foreign country, sometimes the best locations to discover are closer than you think. If you have been living for quite some time in England, but you have never had the time to wonder through Richmond upon Thames then perhaps this is the moment to do so. What makes this location so great? Well, after reading more about what it has to offer, you will certainly give this topic more consideration:

Explore the Richmond Park

Living in the city means you do not have that much time to enjoy suburb beauty. Well, the Richmond park is the perfect place to reconnect with nature, and enjoy a relaxing and pleasant  day. You can even rent a bike and go cycling, if you want to exercise for a bit while you are admiring the beautiful surroundings. The park is certainly one of Richmond’s top attractions.

Booking a boat tour

You cannot leave Richmond without going on a boat tour, which is one of the top activities to do here. Besides giving you the chance to see the most beautiful surroundings of the location, it is also an exciting activity to do, one that anybody can enjoy, regardless of age. You will have the chance to opt for other water sports as well, depending on your preferences, so check the tour offers during your trip.

Visit the Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens, which are a world heritage site, give you 300 acres of pure beauty. The luscious flora you will discover there will certainly exceed your expectations. Beside admiring the exotic flowers, you can also check the popular Eduardo Paolozzi sculpture A Maximis Ad Minima, or even visit the Marianne north gallery. The Kew Gardens are definitely a hotspot in Richmond.

Excellent pubs

When it comes to pubs, you will not be disappointed in what this location has to offer. You can enjoy a pint of your favourite beer, or just relax while listening to great music at one of the many pubs you can find there. If you wish to relax and have fun at the same time, there is no better place to do so than a pub, and more precisely a Richmond upon Thames pub. From Adelaide to the Bear Kick, you have plenty of options to choose from, and you will most certainly find something that will exceed your expectations.

If you want to change the scenery for a bit, and enjoy a weekend of fun and relaxation, then Richmond upon Thames could be a great place to discover. With so many fun things to do, and amazing restaurants, you will not get bored exploring the surroundings. So, for your next weekend getaway, take your loved one, and get to know this part of London better. Now that you know more about what Richmond upon Thames has to offer, you will know exactly how to spend your time in this part of the city.