Wellness retreats all around the world where you can travel alone

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If you plan your next getaway and you want to go all by yourself, this is the place to find out what wellness retreats are worth it. People who went through stressful times or who struggle with serious problems at the moment should definitely consider a retreat to gain some insight and spend some time with themselves. The benefits of retreats are numerous and they apply to a wide range of people – former drug addicts, yoga-passionate people, depressed people, stressed people and so on. In case you find yourself in one of these categories or you simply want to relax and have some alone-time, check out these places all around the world:

Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Puerto Jimenez is located in the southern part of Puntarenas, a popular location in Costa Rica. It’s a perfect place for reconnecting to nature and catch a glimpse of a completely different culture. This location is full of places to visit, starting with the Osa Peninsula. This natural wonder hosts pristine rainforests that should help you relax at the deepest level. Going for a stroll in one of the many lowland tropical forests is unforgettable. Look for holistic center activities, as they are proven to be the fastest method to overcome difficult situations and change habits.

Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita is great if you are a fan of water and good food. Mexico is known for the many water activities available here. If you want to deeply relax and step away from the concrete world you live in each day, choose Sayulita. Here, you can go whale watching, book a boat tour, watch turtles as they go into the ocean, dive into the deep waters or ride a horse on the shore while the sun goes down. All the activities here seem stolen from the most beautiful dream.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is well-known for the retreat centers you can find here. If you are familiar with ibogaine treatment centers, you already know how useful they are to overcome anything that puts you in an uncomfortable situation at the moment. The must-see attractions in Bali are extremely numerous. Don’t forget to book a cultural tour early before your departure, to see the best of Bali and enjoy an intimate experience with this marvelous location. The sacred monkey forest sanctuary is the most visited attraction in Bali. Get closer to nature and wildlife for a perfect retreat holiday.

Nassau, Bahamas

Everyone knows how beautiful Nassau is. The capital of Bahamas never ceases to impress people. Among the attractions, you should focus on dive trips among sharks and tropical fish, day trips to Rose Island, the purest place you’ll see in Bahamas while stepping away from the active civilization of Nassau and the Aquaventure Waterpark in the Atlantis Resort, one of the newest and biggest waterparks in the Caribbean. Nassau offers a complete set of activities for retreat lovers.



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