Walking and cruising Cambodia – A mystical experience

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Lacking most of the modern world’s facilities, Cambodia is an unforgettable experience for all travellers. Even at a first glimpse, the rich cultural and architectural heritage, the cheerful locals and interesting cuisine, made out of this destination a popular one amongst tourists around the world. A great starting experience for those unfamiliar with this destination would be a Mekong river cruise Cambodia that will take you to all the places worth your attention. Below you can find some pieces of information on some of those destinations.

Saigon and Phnom Pei

A perfect way of experiencing both Vietnam and Cambodia is by staring your journey on the Mekong River. Transitioning from the rushed delta in Vietnam and the stillness characterising Cambodia, the countryside and the charismatic locals make a great experience for those unfamiliar with this mystical destination.  Most of the cruises of this kind end in Phnom Pei, the Cambodian capital. And although many tend to stick to the pre-established itinerary, a glimpse at their astonishing temples would be a great experience. However, tourists have different options when it comes to a cruise on the Mekong River.

A three or eight day Mekong River cruise

On this type of cruise, tourists generally have the opportunity to visit the floating villages on Mekong, and even stay at one of the astonishing floating houses. As fascinating as they are, this is also a great opportunity to have a taste of their delicious fish based food courses. Chau Doc is a village close to the Cambodia border, and while in the proximity, tourists can witness some of the most astonishing architectural pieces, such as the Quan Cong Temple and the Thoai Ngoc Hau Mausoleum. The busy river traffic and the colourful and exuberant floating markets make the tourist’s delight.

The temples filled with colour and joy

Important from pilgrims, the temples found at the base of Sam Mountain wear magnificent colourful clothes. With influences from two opposing religions, Hinduism and Islam, the Tai An Pagoda is one of the main attractions of the area. Built in 1847, it is one of the most animated places in Vietnam, because of the large number of pilgrims constantly visiting it. The Bird Sanctuary, found at approximately twenty kilometres from Chau Doc is another great touristic attraction, travellers must check off their lists.

Great culinary courses

A speciality of the region, the Mam-fish is integrated in many of the courses you will taste here. Also, because fish sauce is quite popular in this culture, you will find a couple of factories in the area. Treat yourself with one of the traditional Cambodian courses and make sure you experience a pure interaction with the culture.

Make sure you search your deals for the next Mekong cruise well. Some travel agencies offer extended services and even discounts, and while you might come off with smaller expenses, you will also enjoy more of the Cambodian experiences. Also, make sure you check off your list some of the most popular attractions and taste the local food.