Travelling to Haiti – how to overcome the language barrier

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Haiti is an exceptional travelling destination for people that wish to explore a world where many cultures combine to create a mismatch of interesting situations and tourist attractions. You can find the traces of every past occupation here, because Haiti had a troubled past and was a colony for many years. Even though full of contradictions, this Caribbean country reveals a rich and unique culture. If you wish to travel to Haiti, there are many things you need to consider beforehand and the first on the list is the language. The locals speak Haitian Creole and French, so English people have a hard time going around without the help of a local guide that can translate for them. Therefore, it is advisable to learn to speak Haitian Creole before travelling to this country, to ensure that you will be able to connect with its people at a deeper level and unearth all its secrets. You do not need much time to get the hang of the most important phrases that you will surely need like asking for directions, ordering from the menu and so on, especially if you appeal to a summer Creole institute. This country is beautiful in itself, but there are many things that tourists fail to discover and experience simply because they do not know what to visit and when. This is why a local contact can be very helpful.

When travelling to Haiti, tourists are often advised to have a contact person there, because it is difficult to move around there without knowing the language. There are usually no road signs that could guide you to your next destination, so you will depend on locals to tell you where to find it. If you do not make an effort to learn the language, you will miss out on many things besides the fact that you risk getting lost. There are many interesting experiences that are worth doing once in Haiti like trying out the local cuisine by eating not at a restaurant packed full with tourists, but at restaurants where locals go eating or even try the cooking of the women living there. If you learn to speak Haitian Creole, it will be worth it, because you can find more about this extraordinary culture directly from the people living here.

While many tourists prefer booking a chauffeur for the entire period of their stay in Haiti, thinking it will be safer to travel like this, the alternative, the tap-tap ride, is so much better. Another thing you should not miss when travelling to Haiti is going to the local markets, which are incredibly crowded. People sell about anything at these markets, so it will be an interesting experience, not to mention that it will be a good opportunity for you to buy unique souvenirs. Finding a guide and interpreter will be difficult especially during the peak tourist season, so learning Haitian Creole will definitely ensure you will have a memorable vacation.