Top winter holiday destinations if you want to get away from the cold

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Few countries in the world escape from the harsh cold weather in the winter. Most probably, during those months, you certainly fantasize about escaping into a warm, sunny destination with a cocktail in your hand, on a sandy beach. But truth be told, most people think about these vacations as truly expensive ones. In fact, if you shop for the tickets on the right platform and apply the Thomson Holidays offer code, chances are you will get a great deal. If you are curious about what destinations are appropriate for your winter escapes, keep reading, because we have some great ideas.

1. Riviera Maya, Mexico

No doubt, Mexico is a warm destination. And the Riviera Maya is a district in Mexico specifically designed for touristic purposes. The great thing about this destination is that it concentrates everything you may want from a winter vacation: all-inclusive resorts, sandy beaches, amazing climate, fine-dining restaurants. Also, tourists will find here a multitude of luxury villas which they can rent for their vacations. But advisable would be to opt for a controlled accommodation facility, such as a resort. There are some great deals that certain vendors have during this time of the year, and they even have offer codes for the tips available, during certain times of the year. Activities which tourists running from the cold winter days can get involved in are snorkelling, jet-skiing and scuba diving, activities which would be impossible to get involved in, your home country, especially during winter. 

2. Marrakech, Morocco

Yet another amazing destination for those trying to avoid the cold winter months in their home countries is Marrakech, Morocco. This is one of the major cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, and an exquisite travelling destination for visitors across the world. Not only visitors will be welcomed here by an incredible number of all-inclusive accommodation facilities, but they will also find numerous landmarks, landmarks with an incredible historical luggage and signification. So, if you are searching for a fun and meaningful winter vacation is not-your-usual-destination, this place is for you!

3. Negril, Jamaica

 Another exotic destination for those afraid of spending yet another Christmas in a cold climate is Jamaica. Get your family and escape the cold weather in Negril, an amazing beach resort where you will be able to enjoy sun, beaches and tasty beverages. Jamaica is also well-known for its intriguing cuisine, a cuisine that blends aromas and textures in a unique fashion. The prices are amazing, the fine-dining restaurants as well. A vacation in this destination will certainly surpass your expectations and will have you coming back the next year.

These are three of the most popular travel destinations for those who want to get away from the harsh winter weather in their home countries. Filled with all-inclusive accommodation facilities and resorts and a multitude of recreational activities available, these may remain travel destination celebrities for some years to come. Get a discount ticket by collaborating with the right travel agency.