Tips on planning the perfect Croatia holiday

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When trying to find a good place for your next holiday, it is almost impossible not to think about Croatia. With a scenery that is nothing less than extraordinary, an interesting culture, and friendly locals, this is the ideal location for a relaxing vacation, filled with lovely activities. However, even if Croatia makes such an excellent vacation choice, there are some things that might influence tour trip negatively, if not handled properly. Things such as searching for villas in Dalmatia, or booking travel tours should be handled in advance, if you want to not face any unpleasantness during your vacation. Here are the most important tips to follow when you are planning your Croatia holiday:

Choose the right accommodation

Start with the most important task for any trip planning – booking accommodation. Even if you might consider opting for a hotel room, take into account the possibility of renting a villa instead. If you are traveling with a large group, this option can be a bit more affordable, and you will also benefit from increased space. Moreover, you will have a private kitchen you can use, and other amenities that can prove to be necessary. You can even opt for a house with a pool if your budget allows you. Make sure to book the accommodation with enough time in advance, so you can benefit from the best prices, and have a wider range of options to choose form. You will find online plenty of offers, but make your booking through a reputable travel agency, such as,  to be certain you are receiving the accommodation offer that has been advertised.

Arrival transfers

If you have booked a villa in a more intimate location, it will not be that easy to travel from the airport to the house, and getting a taxi is certainly not a financially wise choice, nor a reliable option. Make sure to book yourself an airport transfer, so you can have a car waiting for you in front of the airport as soon as you arrive to take you to your accommodation.

Plan your daily schedule

Setting of without knowing what you will do each day of your trip is not recommended. Without being properly organized, you might miss out on many great activities or attractions. Although you should spend enough time relaxing by the beach, you still need to make the most out of the time you spent in Croatia, and discover everything that is has to offer. Try to plan a daily schedule – that includes all the activities you want to partake in and all the places you want to see. This way, you will not forget about any important experience.

Choosing Croatia as the destination of your next trip is certainly a decision you will not regret, considering the breathtaking scenery you will discover there, as well as the many wonderful and exciting things to do. However, to prevent any small inconvenience from affecting your overall Croatian experience, you need to plan every detail of the trip carefully. The tips mentioned above will help you make the most out of your stay in Croatia.