The best accommodation options for family trips in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem, a holy city with a long and complicated history, is definitely a location no avid traveler should miss. Built thousands of years ago, Jerusalem has become the center of religious attention with millions of pilgrims visiting it and many more yearning to reach it at some point in their life. Besides the natural attraction faithful people feel towards this place, the city also holds interest among history and travelling passionate. Everything in Jerusalem, from the old buildings to the overall atmosphere of the city inspires and invites to meditation. You can expect more than spiritual awakening in the city, you will experience overwhelming emotions such as excitement and entertainment, not to mention thrill at discovering new adventures every day. This is probably why Jerusalem is a preferred travelling destination for people of all ages and nationalities. Modern attractions, interesting tours, architecture and cultural delights, not to mention delicious local cuisine await those visiting Jerusalem for the first time. One of the best ways to visit this city is together with your family; because this place that talks about love and sacrifice will help you strengthen your relationships with others and help you spend quality time together. If you plan to visit Jerusalem in a large group, you should book colony suites for a week or two at least. There are so many things to do and to visit in this city that less time than that would do it no justice.

When travelling with family or in large groups, apartments and suites are the best choice, as it allows you to be together with your family and friends. It is also more convenient to meet and plan, you can eat together and spend mornings together at the same table, not to mention that parents can keep a closer eye on their kids while having the opportunity to retreat to the quite of their rooms when parental authority is not needed. The whole point of a family trip is for everyone to spend time together and booking rooms to a hotel will not help you achieve this endeavor. Jerusalem is a lovely place, where you can plan a lot of interesting and exciting things together with everyone. Spending a couple of weeks away from your daily lives will help you know each other better. Colony suites can accommodate an extended family easily.


What is more, suites are an affordable accommodation option for families, because they are spacious and come fully equipped. Instead of booking three or four rooms in a hotel to accommodate every family member, you can book a single colony suit to meet that demand. You will also be able to prepare your own meals from time to time and spend the money you would normally give at the restaurant on touring the city. When travelling with kids, it is important to take into consideration the fact that they might not like the local cuisine. Although Jerusalem is full of restaurants that can cater to specific needs and budgets, you might want to prepare a light breakfast yourself, instead of looking around for a place where your kids might enjoy eating.