Selection of things to do in Covent Garden

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The main reason why visitors choose to come to London is that they have a number of brilliant activities and, most important, places to visit. Although London has many places of interest, it seems that Covent Garden is the one that attracts thousands of visitors, thus being one of the most visited areas. What you need to know about this destination district is that it provides a range of leisure activities. Covent Garden is worth discovering because it offers attractions for all tastes. If you are curious about what you can do in Covent Garden, you should continue reading this article.


If you are going to London to visit the shops, you will not be disappointed. Covent Garden is popular due to its shops. The fact is that the area is one of the most beloved shopping destinations, having become in recent years a sort of retail heaven. From high street shops to independent outlets, it offers an unforgettable shopping experience and the best there is. You have the opportunity of choosing from many designer brands, such as Burberry and Chanel. What is more, there is always the chance of finding products that are at sale at a lower price than their real value.

Visiting Covent Garden markets

It is important to remember that Covent Garden in itself is a market, undoubtedly an attractive one. Many efforts have been put in the organisation of the original fruit and vegetable market, the result being what you see today. The plaza is a great place to sit back and relax if you are not in the mood for shopping. But how can you not feel like shopping when you have so many jewellery shops around you? The likelihood is that you will find something to take home with you. Nonetheless, if shopping for fancy things is not your cup of coffee, you can visit the flower market.

Going to the theatre

The good thing is that Covent Garden is home to many theatres. So if you are into drama and musicals, you are fortunate. St Paul church hosts plays in its garden, even though it continues to function as a church. Another place you have to see is the Aldwych Theatre, which used to accommodate the Shakespearian Company. Equally important is mentioning the Royal Opera House located at the heart of the district. This is the ideal place to watch and learn as much as you can about opera, dance and of course ballet.