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Places to visit in Maryland

Before you set off to Maryland it would be wise to look for places to visit in Maryland, that way you can make a schedule and visit everything important. If you did not know this by now Maryland is the most popular state in mid-Atlantic region because it is full of history and it is […]

Places to visit in New Jersey

There are many reasons why you should read our places to visit in New Jersey presentation. The main reason is the cultural heritage that this place has to offer. Many people think that the only things that you can find in New Jersey are rude Italian people and traffic. Here are the places to visit […]

What to visit in San Diego

Sun, surf and beautiful scenery are the qualities that most visitors valued to San Diego. Located in the southernmost corner of California coast, the city is blessed with sunshine and temperate climate all year in almost all winter months. Many travelers come here just to experience Southern California paradise. Surrounded by long sandy peninsulas (called […]

What to visit in Washington DC

Washington DC is situated on the opposite side San Francisco on the east side of the United States of America, thus it has the same temperate climate, but since it is situated inland the winters are more forgiving. We recommend tourists to visit this city during the summer since that is the best time of […]

What to visit in Vancouver

If you decide to visit Vancouver you can do so all year long since it offers you a great variety of places where you can entertain yourself on the costal line on the pecks of the mountains or in the city itself. Vancouver is not just a seaside port of the British Columbian province but […]

What to visit in San Francisco

San Francisco is situated on the West side of the American Continent thus it benefits of a temperate oceanic climate which recommends it for tourist’s Holidays all year long but mostly during the summer season where you can benefit from the full power of the sun. During the summer you can fully enjoy yourself by […]

What to visit in London

London is one of the primary tourists attractions in England being its capital city and being part of the country’s history helped it become as well known as it is today. Such places are the London Tower, the London Bridge, the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. No matter which season you […]

What to visit in Budapest

Budapest is wonderful in any season, thus you can schedule your trip there in the summer for the trips with the ferry on the Danube and for the island parks such as Varosmajor, Varosliget or Vermezo; While in the winter you can enjoy the warmth of the thermal baths of Széchenyi Baths which are the […]

What to visit in Prague

Prague, just as all the most capital cities of the Europe can be visited in any of the seasons of the year, the imposing structures are placed in the spotlight both by the shiny summer of the summer and by the brightness of the snow. Prague is split into two sides the old town and […]

What to visit in Lisbon

Lisbon can be admire from a up top perspective by using the Santa Justa Elevator (Elevador de Santa Justa)which is a building that makes use of a combination of art forms and architectural styles. Situated in the south west of Portugal, Lisbon merges the architectural style of the Moorish with the classical architectural style of […]

What to visit in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany which is a country situated in the center of Europe, thus it can be visited in any season but it would be preferred to schedule your trip there during the summer because of its temperate continental climate. The ideological fight that marks the history of Berlin is reflected by […]

What to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona makes for a great tourist destination if you’re planning to take a vacation in Europe. Being a port city to the Mediterranean Sea it has more tourist attractions to offer then other on land cities. If you are planning to visit this city we recommend you to do so in the summer however the […]

What to visit in Paris

Paris as many of you know it is the City of Love. You can’t visit Europe and not spend at least some time in a city as rich in history and romance as Paris. We hope you’ll try to follow our advice and visit at least a few of these wonderful places that Paris has […]