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Selection of things to do in Covent Garden

The main reason why visitors choose to come to London is that they have a number of brilliant activities and, most important, places to visit. Although London has many places of interest, it seems that Covent Garden is the one that attracts thousands of visitors, thus being one of the most visited areas. What you […]

Going on a deep sea fishing trip – what should you know

If you are thinking of going on a short trip with your family, then you should choose a location that will allow you to partake in one of your favourite activates – fishing.  If you have never tried deep sea fishing, even if you are a fishing enthusiast, then it is definitely the time to […]

Why you should visit Nozawa Onsen this winter

Japan is definitely one of the best holiday destinations for the winter season, not only for its numerous tourist attractions and amazing culture, but also for its mesmerizing landscapes and the quality ski resorts. One great location for having the perfect holiday in Japan is Nozawa Onsen, so if you are planning to visit this […]

Why including the Blue Cave on Croatia places to see

In the last years, Croatia is in the top of the most visited countries from Europe, and if you wonder why, well, you should know that it hides some of the most amazing natural attractions from the continent. The shore is surrounded by over a thousand islands, reefs and islets, and if you are passionate […]

Tips for choosing the best B&B Inn

Bed and Breakfast inns are great alternative to your traditional hotel, offering similar amenities but in a more comfy environment. If you are planning a short trip in the near future, and you are looking for accommodation option, then you should consider some aspects beforehand. When it comes to finding a Bed and Breakfast in […]

How to spend your time off between university semesters

During semester breaks you have months off for summer, new friends from all over the country, and less responsibility. While there is no better time to travel than your university years, the sad reality is that by the time university breaks arrive, students are lessened by rent, food and clubbing. This basically means that traveling […]

Living in Notting Hill – a dream for students

Notting Hill has beautiful houses and a lovely atmosphere, reason why many Londoners dream of living here. The fact is that there are more foreigners in this district in west London than English people, so it is very scarce that you hear someone speaking the Queen’s English. Notting Hill is literally full of international students […]

Choose to spend your holiday in Lake District

The Lake District is the perfect holiday destination for the persons that love nature, because it is one of the UK’s most popular national parks. Tourists come in a big number every year to explore the countryside and the fells from this region. The persons that visit this area are passionate about mountain, and the […]

Campsites in the Lake District – a unique experience

If your busy nine to five job and hectic schedule have got you craving for some peace and quiet, then you should definitely consider camping on your next trip. You don’t have to go as far as the Alps or some remote destination in Asia, because the picturesque Lake District offers fantastic sites that the […]

How to choose a villa for rent in Algarve

Located in the southernmost part of Portugal, Algarve is a popular summer destination for all those who love the Ocean and want to spend their time in a dream location. Its breath-taking beautifully shoreline and the balance between urban life and natural scenery, have made this place a popular choice and have encouraged local investors […]

Make Tucepi your favourite holiday destination

  When thinking about holidays, many people only have in mind far-away destinations, such as Thailand, or Hawaii. Few of them think about places in Europe, and even fewer about destinations in Croatia. However, this country has a very rich history and an interesting culture that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. […]

Making your time between flights pass faster

  Nothing is worse than having to spend a few good hours in the airport, waiting for a connecting flight, especially if you did not prepare to do anything in this time. You can only spend so much time in the airport shops, especially if you don’t really have a lot of money to spend […]

Enjoy eating during your Del Mar holiday

  If you plan to have a relaxing holiday on the beach of Pacific Ocean, you can choose to go in the romantic beach village of Del Mar. It will charm you with its amazing history, and breath-taking view. Del Mar is located on the Northern San Diego County Coast and people from all around […]

Exciting tours in Puerto Plata

  The Dominican Republic is a very popular destination when it comes to vacations and there are many resorts and places within the country that make great locations, Puerto Plata definitely being one of them. Apart from the obvious sunbathing and cocktail drinking at the beach bar, there are many other fun and exciting activities […]

Why is Cancun so magnetic?

When choosing the perfect vacation many people decide on the destination based on the photos that are provided for them either by the travel advisor or the Internet. When it comes to choosing Cancun as your next holiday destination images are simply not enough in order to evoke the beauty of the place. Contrary to […]

Reasons to hire a private plane for your summer holiday

When planning your summer holiday there are a million things that you need to take care of, especially if you are planning to visit multiple countries. Many people like to do a tour of Europe during summer, just because they want to visit as many beautiful cities as possible and delight themselves with everything this […]

Cancun attractions you should not miss

Cancun is one of the most popular summer destinations for all those who love the sun and the sea. The gorgeous waters around this region, beautiful beaches and wild clubs make this a top destination for young people, but that does that mean that it cannot be enjoyed by those who are not particularly fans […]

Helpful tips for a lovely trip in Cancun

If you have not yet made plans for this summer vacation, then you might want to consider Cancun. This is an enchanting city in the Yucatan Peninsula, offering tourists the chance to spend a few days on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. People in all corners of the world are simply fascinated by Cancun […]

How to plan a relaxing getaway in Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Springs is a renowned resort town located in Victoria, Australia at the center of multiple mineral springs. The village is the perfect holiday destination for people that wish to pamper themselves during their vacations. Spa and massage resorts, awe inspiring scenery, cozy cafes, fancy restaurants, inspiring galleries, chic shops and a great live music […]

Cancun – one of the top destinations for all year round

The summer holiday is the peak of many people’s year and most of them can hardly wait for the summer to come, imagining themselves sunbathing and drinking cocktails from a coconut. A holiday in Cancun is not far from that image, as the region in Mexico is all one would dream of in terms of […]