Places to Visit in Vietnam

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If you are looking for the ultimate holiday in an exotic country where you can witness ancient traditions, explore wild environments, relax on sunny beaches or in luxurious resorts, then you should definitely consider a visit to Vietnam. In this article we have included the best places to visit in Vietnam as well as some traveling tips.

  • Most popular places to visit in Vietnam

When visiting Vietnam, travelers are fascinated by the ancient temples and pagodas. The most popular pagoda and one of the best places to visit in Vietnam is the Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang which is connected to the Hai Duc Pagoda through a large road. The most interesting element of this touristic attraction is the giant, white concrete Gautama Buddha statue. The statue is 21 m tall and features a 7 m lotus flower. In front of the statue lie a pair of 7,2 m tall dragons. It is definitely a place worth visiting especially if you take into account the gardens of the land as well as the architectural style of the pagoda. Aside from the white Buddha, there’s also a sleeping Buddha that charms the visitors.

  • Historical attractions

The most interesting places to visit in Vietnam are the tunnels of Củ Chi, a huge tunnel network which travels under the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City. The tunnels were built for military purposes as hiding spots, supply routes and communications channels. Another essential historical site is the Citadel in Hué which features a stunning construction as well as numerous mausoleums and breathtaking gardens.

  • Entertainment

If you want to be entertained in a traditional Vietnamese way, you should visit this country during the famous Tet festival which features colorful flower markets, amazing dragon dances and great fireworks. Another fun way to spend a day is to enjoy a water puppet performance on the Red River Delta in Hanoi.

  • Exotic panoramas

As we mentioned above, some of the best places to visit in Vietnam are the sunny beaches. Among them, the most beautiful ones are found on the Nha Trang islands or on the An Thoi islands. Aside from sunbathing, on these islands you can also take snorkeling trips in the surrounding emerald waters. If you are not fond of sunny beaches and are interested in another type of exotic views, perhaps you should visit the Vietnamese deltas. The Red River Delta and the The Mekong Delta are great places to visit as they feature breathtaking panoramas which have not changed for hundreds of years.

  • Get the full experience

A trip to Vietnam does not have to be very expensive in order to be unforgettable. On the contrary, if you really want to get the pulse of this amazing country, you need to engage in local activities and adventure outside the visiting tours. For example, the best culinary experience in Vietnam consists of street food. There are countless street kitchens where you can fill your plate with exotic dishes for very small prices. Ethnic markets are also worth visiting if you want to breath in the diverse culture of this country. The markets in Bac Ha and Can Cau are particularly spectacular. Furthermore, while Visiting Vietnam, you should travel not in style but in a traditional way on a cyclo. This is the most popular transport mode in Vietnam and it is a great experience for tourists as it allows them to get a glimpse of the Vietnamese street life. Last but not least, visit a Bia Hoi bar in the old quarter of Hanoi in order to mingle with the locals.

  • Traveling Tips

A lot of people who have visited Vietnam complain that the locals were rude and unfamiliar with the meaning of hospitality. Some say that the Vietnamese feel that the Western people owe them a debt which is why they believe that foreigners should spend a lot of money in Vietnam. They are very polite with people who travel in luxury but quite rude with backpackers. A lot of people complain that they were conned, forced into buying things that they didn’t need and they rarely received change for their purchases. If you are traveling to Vietnam on a low budget, beware of these rude and aggressive sellers. It is best if you always carry change with you and try to keep your interactions with the local venders to a minimum. If we don’t consider the rude merchants, Vietnam is a wonderful country to visit and you should see it at least once in a lifetime.