Places to visit in USA

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Best places to travel / Places / Places to visit in USA

If you are planning on visiting the new world then you should read our 5 best places to visit in the USA list. Because the country is so big there are hundreds of places that you can visit. To help you we have narrowed down the number of places to visit to five. Here are the places which we included in our list:

• Hawaii
If you are planning a trip to the USA you should definitely visit Hawaii. You will have to take a plane out to get to the island and the tickets are quite expensive but it is worth it. It is one of the most amazing places because here you will find a multicultural population with roots in: Polynesia, Asia, North America and Europe.

• Grand Canyon National Park
If you are coming to the new world this is one of the places to visit in USA. This place is perfect for family trips. Here you can admire the wonderful view of the canyons and also explore this wonderful formations by following the trails organized by the park. If you come here you should at least stay for a week.

• New York City
One of the most visited city in the USA is New York City. If you want the perfect urban experience then you should come here. You can go shopping here at the most exclusive shops, eat at one of the finest restaurants and go watch plays on Broadway.

• Los Angeles, California
If you are dreaming of becoming a movies start then this is one of the places to visit in USA. Here you can go to Hollywood and see all the movie stars homes, visit famous movie sets and go to the beach. If you come with your family there are a lot of things you can do with your children. Here you will find a lot of amusement parks, theaters and museums for children.

• New Orleans
New Orleans has become very popular ever since hurricane Katrina hit the city. Since then the locals have renovated the city and now it looks better than ever. It has become a really magnet for tourists.

If you are planning on visiting America then these are the places to visit in USA. You will feel like you are walking into a totally different world because this continent is very different from Europe and Asia.