Places to Visit in Prague

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Visiting Europe is a once in a life time experience. However, each individual visiting experience in Europe is different from others. When most people dream of visiting Europe, all they can think about is Paris, London and Rome. Although these are the most popular European capitals, they are certainly not the most fascinating ones. One might say that these 3 capitals have been so heavily advertised that they ended up loosing all their mystery. If you are considering and European holiday, out advice is to turn your attention to a less popular yet more mysterious European Capital, Prague. This city is a wonderful holiday destination for couples, families and single people. It provides all the culture and entertainment that other capitals provide with added elements of mystery and nostalgia. A visit here should last at least three days if you want to see the best places to visit in Prague.

  • Prague Castle – Pražský hrad

This is probably one of the most impressive places to visit in Prague. The construction and the land surrounding it are very large and if you were to visit it all, you would need at least two days. However, unless you are obsessed with history, half a day will be enough in order to see the most important interiors. You should know that the castle was founded in 880 and it still has stone remnants of the first stone structure built around that time, the Church of the Virgin Mary. Over the years, the castle was continuously expanding and numerous reconstructions were made in order to maintain its glory.

  • Charles Bridge

Most of Prague’s architecture has strong Gothic influences which bring a great contribution to the aura of mystery surrounding this city. One of the most beautiful displays of Gothic architecture is the Charles Bridge. This bridge is full of history as its construction begun in 1357. Over the years, it has become one of Prague’s landmarks and all tourists rave about its beauty which is highlighted by the castle visible in the background.

  • The Astronomical Clock

Bridges can be found all over the world and although they have different histories and different architectural sites, they are rarely unique. The same thing cannot be said about other places to visit in Prague which are not only unique but truly breathtaking. The Astronomical Clock is in our opinion one of the most interesting European attractions and although it is not as big as the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, it is just as intriguing as them. The clock has been working since 1490. It features a unique design with interesting symbols such as Greed, Death or various zodiac signs.