Places to visit in Louisiana

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Louisiana is a great place to visit which is why you should know the best places to visit in Louisiana before you leave home. The thing that made Louisiana so famous is the New Orleans Mardi Grass. This place is unique and will give you the best vacation experience mainly because of the mixture of influences, we have: Native American, French, English and African.

Here are some of the places to visit in Louisiana:

• Shreveport
If you have never been to Louisiana before and you want to go there on vacation Shreveport is a good starting point. Here you can see the statues of some very important people: Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis Presley.

Other things that you can visit while you are in Shreveport are: walking tour of downtown Shreveport, you can go and play at the riverboat casinos, you can go on a river trip on the Red river or you can visit the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, 8th Air Force Museum and the Sci-Port Louisiana’s Sci Center.

• Baton Rouge
One of the ideal places to visit in Louisiana with a historical profile is Baton Rouge. Here you can see the old plantation and the houses which were built during that period.

If you want to do some visiting you can go to the: old governor’s mansion, the Louisiana State Capitol and USS Kidd.

• Hammond
Hammond is another place that you should visit while you are in Louisiana. It is a 30 minute ride from Baton Rouge so we suggest you visit it next. Here you can visit the Columbia Theater and the Lucius McGhee Hall which is located at the Southeastern Louisiana University.

• Lafayette
If you want to visit interesting things this is the place to go. Here you can learn about the Cajun and Creole life at the Acadian Village, you can visit swamps with a guide or you can see the slave quarters that are there. This is why Lafayette is one of the places to visit in Louisiana on your family trip.

So, these are some of the places to visit in Louisiana when you want to go on a trip there. There are a lot of fun and educative things that you can do there which is why it is very important to research a little before you go on the road. We hope that you will like everything it has to offer.


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