Places to Visit in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, the sin city, Glitter Gulch or how it describes itself: the entertainment capital of the world, is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, U.S.A. and is internationally renowned as a major resort city mostly known for gambling, shopping, the night life and fine dining.

The first thing you think about doing in Sin City is to go to one of its casinos and start gambling, but there are also other places to visit in Las Vegas and other things to see.
If you really want to go to a casino, the best in town and most famous are The Bellagio, The MGM Grand and Caesars Palace, but they can also be the most expensive. But no matter to what casino you are going, make sure you will not spend all your money there. Gamble fast and social in order not to miss out too many things.

Another major attraction in Las Vegas, one that no tourist has to miss, is the free show given by the Bellagio fountains. They were designed to impress and mesmerize people, and the complex choreography is the most amazing ever achieved. You will fall in love with the show provided by the water jets and you will not regret choosing to assist one of this extraordinary shows.
If you like sea creatures, then the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay is what you should visit. It has half-outdoors, half-indoors, a lot of sharks, crocodiles, turtles, rays and a Komodo dragon, the newest member of the aquarium.

The New York-New York hotel offers to its visitors a different tour than the one by foot. You can see the hotel in a few minutes by taking the roller coaster. The hotel is worth seeing because it gives a brilliant compressed version of the Disneyfied Manhattan.

Other places to visit in Las Vegas are the Liberace Museum, the Gallery of Fine Art at the Bellagio or the Gun Store, where for less than $100 you can spend your day shooting. If that doesn’t satisfy you or complete your American experience in the most American city in America, you can try going to a chapel and marry a stranger.

Another thing you can enjoy is the Spa. Las Vegas is the best Spa destination in the U.S.A. and the Canyon Ranch at the Venetian or the one at the Bellagio are the best in town, that will give you a good treatment and make you relax.

When you visit so many things, at one point you have to stop and eat. If your credit card has no limits, you can try a culinary experience at the Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars. If you eat alone, you should try the bar-only Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grande. If you prefer steak and a good glass of wine, then SW Steakhouse at the Wynn is the place for you, and if you’re going out on a date the perfect restaurant is Aureole at the Mandalay Bay.

Most definitely these are the best places to visit in Las Vegas. Try to enjoy your experience as much as you can, try to meet new pople, see new things, try new things, you will arrive home pleased with your experience and it will make you remember with pleasure all the beautiful moments you spent there.


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