Places to visit in Japan

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Now that you have thought of having the trip of your life, making a list with the most impressive places to visit in Japan is your latest step to be made. Make sure that in your rush towards seeing everything around you, you do not forget about the “Floating Torii” of Miyajima and “Toshogu Shrine” in Nikko. The Daibutsu of Kamakura is emblematic for Japan and it would be a loss nothing managing to visit it.

Japan has a wide list of touristic attractions for people all over the world, but if you know where to look for the right travel guidance, you will this country twice more. For example, The Bomb Dome in Hiroshima and the Golden Temple from Kyoto, together with Mount Fuji and Gammangafuchi Abyss will offer you an outstanding idea about all the stories that have been built around this country and its culture.
Speaking of the Japanese culture, there are numerous monuments the have been built for the samurais that lived there back in history. They remind us of the rules they had to obey and the place of honor among warlords and the castles they lived in.

Asakusa in Tokio is another one of the places to visit in Japan that will probably delight your eyes. It is placed along the Sumida River and it is famous mainly for its shopping areas, festivals and its wide range of entertaining options. Okinawa, also, in the south of Japan, is the prefecture surrounded by a range of islands. It would be wise of you considering Seoul from Korea as part of your itinerary.
On the other hand, Hong Kong and Macau will let you discover another branch of chaos and Mount Fuji, Japan’s greatest mountainous peak (3776 meters) is a must-see or at least must-be-informed about before visiting Japan.

Our list of recommendations goes beyond limits and includes Ginza, Tokyo, the number one place for neon and shopping and is apart from every other corner of this world. We would like to finish our list with Himeji Castle, the representative castle of this country. There are twelve castles like this and they are special for having managed to maintain their structure over years.

Now that you have been offered such a long list of objectives to add on your list, feel free to select those places to visit in Japan that fit with your expectations, budget and time!