Places to visit in Georgia

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There are a lot of places to visit in Georgia because it is the home of the Fox Network, SO SO Def record label and a lot of large companies really important in the industry. The best time to visit Georgia is in the summer or fall because these are the seasons when you can plan activities. Here we are going to present to you the most important places to visit in Georgia:

• Georgia Aquarium
If you have the chance you should really come and visit this huge aquarium situated in Georgia. The aquarium has 8 million gallons of water and more than a thousand of see species. This place is interactive for both children and adults which means that you can come alone if you are on vacation by yourself.

• Underground
Shopping is one of the most fun activities for men and women. If you are in Georgia you should come here and visit the numerous shops the underground has to offer. You can even take the tour available here, it will start at the railroad depot and continue with the civil war and end with the civil rights movement. This is surely one of the places to visit in Georgia.

• Stone Mountain Park
The Stone Mountain Park is amazing for family vacations. Here you can have more than just a picnic, you can enjoy the nature and take part at the events organized here throughout the year. If you want you can even shop and eat at a restaurant here.

• Atlanta Zoo
The Atlanta Zoo is not you typical zoo because unlike the Atlanta zoo where you can see hundreds of animals here you can only see gorillas. This zoo is a research institute where gorillas are studied. Here visitors can observe the life of the adult gorillas and their babies. It is very instructive for both children and adults. In 2005 the zoo celebrated a miracle because a female gorilla gave birth to twins.

As you can see there are places to visit in Georgia, there are not many historic sites but there are a lot of places where you can go and have fun. What makes Georgia so special is the fact that you can have a good time both with you family and alone. When summer vacation approaches this year you should take into consideration Georgia too, we guarantee that your children will like it there.