Places to visit in France

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France has long been considered the country for lovers that gather in this unique land dedicated to pure feelings and enchanting innocence. But what happens if you finally decided to have a trip there and still have nobody to share your love with? There are still some amazing places to visit in France, so do not cancel your trip if you are single!

There are numerous travel guides that you are being offered even since to pass the boundaries of this great country, but the best option for you is to make a plan from the very beginning with the most appealing places for you that deserve your photos, your money and your time! We have already selected some regions of France, among which we are proud to include: Alsace, Aquitaine, Auvergne, Brittany, Burgundy, Champagne-Ardenne, Corsica, Cote d’Azur and Dordogne. Normandy and the capital are also on our list, but there are so many places to visit in Paris that you should organize a special holiday just for it.. But of all these regions, most of the tourists prefer Brittany, the Cote d’Azur and Provence.

France offers you a wide variety of options to visit, from villages, amazing sceneries and buildings that remind you of the most significant historical moments. France is not described only by crowds and rush hours, but from certain particularities like nature, history and architecture. If you feel more attracted by these elements, feel free to adjust your itinerary.

In order to maintain our objectivity, we have chosen to start with Alsace. Placed in the East of the country, surrounded by Germany, Switzerland and the Lorraine (another region of France), it is known to be the region with the smallest territory. The summers are known to be hot, but the winters are told to be dry. This is due to the position that it occupies, right between the Rhine and the famous Vosges mountains.

We move on to our next recommendations, Aquitaine and the Dordogne. The first one is placed in the south-western area of France and is neighbor of Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. We recommend yoy to visit Bordeaux, Perigueux or Biarritz, as they are some remarkable cities out there.

Regarding Auvergne, we can start with the fact that it is placed in the middle of France and in the meantime right in the heart of Massif Central. Even if this area is quite isolated due to its mountainous position, its capital (Clermont-Ferrand) might help you find your inner voice. It is never too late to make a trip, mainly after having found out what places to visit in France!