Places to visit in Europe

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Best places to travel / Places / Places to visit in Europe

As you well know there are a lot of amazing places to visit in Europe, the continent is simply full of history and beauty. If you do not live in Europe you should at least come once in your life to experience the wonders it has to offer. Here you can admire one of the most beautiful landscapes and meet extraordinary people.
Here are the most important places to visit in Europe:

• Amsterdam, Netherland
If you want to come to Europe you absolutely must visit Amsterdam. Because the city was once a very famous port you can visit the Maritime Museum which was recently renovated. You can also visit the contemporary Stedelijk art museum if you like fine arts. If you want to take a trip around Europe and do not have a lot of money you are in luck because here you can find a decent room at a low price. Those looking for gift ideas for mom can offer them a trip to this beautiful city and they will definitely see tears of joy in her eyes.

• Berlin Cityscape
Berlin is a wonderful city, you can tell that the war from the 20th century left its print here. Many buildings were destroyed during the World War II and the ones that escaped were eradicated in the 50s because the mayor of the city wanted to create new residential and business quarters. You can obverse the history of the town jut by simply walking down the street. There are a lot of museum that you can visit: history museums, aquariums, theaters etc.

• Rome – Italy
Rome is one of the best places to visit in Europe at least once in your life; it is also called the capital of the world. Here you can visit a lot of historic sites a couple of them being free of charge. You can see a small part of what Ancient Rome used to look like. Some of the things that you can visit are: the Colosseum of Rome, the Pantheon, the Roma Forum and the baths of Caracalla. The Colosseum is one of the biggest amphitheater built in Ancient Rome, it can hold up to 55.000 people. You should come here also for the food, they do not say that Italian food is amazing for nothing. Offering someone a trip to Rome is something really special and this can be one of the best gift ideas for mom, if she likes to travel and to eat delicious food.

If you are planning a trip these are the places to visit in Europe, you should take your time and visit all of them. You will have a great experience no matter where you go in Europe but these are the places that should not be ignored. These are not the only best places to visit in Europe, but they are the top ones, so you need to do your best to include them in your vacation plans.