Making your time between flights pass faster

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Nothing is worse than having to spend a few good hours in the airport, waiting for a connecting flight, especially if you did not prepare to do anything in this time. You can only spend so much time in the airport shops, especially if you don’t really have a lot of money to spend on various duty free items that still cost a small fortune, not to mention that airport food is always expensive and disappointing. To this extent, this is how you could take advantage of a long flight connection:

Book a taxi tour

If you are about to spend more than 5 hours between connecting flights, the best way to make this time pass faster is to take advantage of that window and visit the city you are in. For instance, you could book in advance a Rome airport taxi or a taxi from any other city you might be in and have the drive take you to see the most important attractions of the city. Granted, you will not have time to actually enter anything, but it is still a great opportunity to see a part of that city and decide if you would like to visit it later on. There are many taxi companies that offer clients tours of the city, but you will have to book this tour in advance, so be sure to do your research before you leave home and you will never have to spend a minute longer than you must in an airport chair.


Enjoy a nice traditional meal at a local restaurant

Rather than spending a large amount of money on an airport meal that will not be that great anyway, you could arrange for a private taxi to take you to a great local restaurant, enjoy a delicious traditional meal and have it take you back to the airport. Granted, this option will not be very cheap either, but if you are in a beautiful city such as Rome, it would be a shame not to enjoy the classic Italian gastronomic experience and only settle for a burger from an airport fast food. This will also give you the chance to explore at least a part of the city and take some nice photos that will serve as memories for the short, but very pleasant time you spent in that city.


Take a good book in your hand luggage

Many people make the mistake of packing their books in the large luggage, but they forget the fact that the luggage is transferred automatically between planes, so they will not have the chance to get their book until they reach their final destination. With this being said, if you are not a huge fan of reading, either because your eyes get tired fast or you get sleepy, there are many good books that can be found in audio format, so all you have to do is upload a few on your MP3 player or iPod and you will be set for the long wait.