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When thinking about holidays, many people only have in mind far-away destinations, such as Thailand, or Hawaii. Few of them think about places in Europe, and even fewer about destinations in Croatia. However, this country has a very rich history and an interesting culture that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. One of the places that have gained tourists’ attention is Tucepi. At first sight, people feel reticent about putting Tucepi on their holiday list, but after they learn more about the region, everything changes, because this city manages to “win people’s hearts” in no time.  You can find even more information about Tucepi as a holiday destination if you check out this link.

More to know about Tucepi

Even though it is a small town in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia, Tucepi has made a name of itself in the past years. The city is sited on the Adriatic shore, in the region known as Makarska Riviera and has a history that dates back to the 6th century, making it an ancient city. The rich history of the region places Tucepi among one of the most interesting places to visit in Croatia, making it a real treasure for all history aficionados. In case you want to learn more about Tucepi, sites such as provide useful information.

Accommodation in Tucepi

If you have chosen Tucepi as your holiday destination, you should start looking for accommodation. There are many places where you can stay during your holiday, and they fit nearly any budget, so you do not have to worry about not finding something that suits your needs. You can book a place in an apartment, a hotel or even in a villa. Those who want more privacy, and do not like crowded places, such as hotels, usually choose apartments, whereas those who want to benefit from an all-inclusive package for instance go for hotels or villas. Prices vary based on what you choose, but you can be sure that there are places that fit any budget. In case you decide an apartment is the best solution for you, it is advisable to book it before you arrive in Tucepi, because you might be surprised to find that some lenders offer you free transport from the airport to the apartment.

Things to do in Tucepi

One of the most well-known attractions of Tucepi is the beaches. The one in Tucepi is the longest beach on the Makarska Riviera, which has a length of nearly four kilometres. It is a pebble beach, covered with many pine trees that provide natural shadow. Taverns, souvenir shops, and pubs lie along the beach, giving travellers the chance to rest after a long day on the beach. Other tourist attraction are available to visit at only a few kilometres away from Tucepi, and some examples are the Museum of shells, Nature Park Biokovo, Park Sv. Petar, Adrenalin park Makarska and many others. In case you do not come with your car, you can look for places where you can book one. The entire region offers breath-taking landscapes, which will definitely impress anyone who visits Tucepi, making them fall in love with this part of Croatia.