Living in Notting Hill – a dream for students

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Notting Hill has beautiful houses and a lovely atmosphere, reason why many Londoners dream of living here. The fact is that there are more foreigners in this district in west London than English people, so it is very scarce that you hear someone speaking the Queen’s English. Notting Hill is literally full of international students that choose to move to West London because it is close to university. You too can find a wide range of student housing Notting Hill  and beyond the college doors, you will have the opportunity of discovering a vibrant nightlife, cityscapes, natural habitats and a tasty food culture. Even if you find housing somewhere near this district, you still have the chance to see the famous Notting Hill carnival.

Brief history of the area

The first people in the area used to be inhabited by brick and pottery makers, followed by pig keepers. Nonetheless, with the arrival of the railway, the last remaining fields became covered by homes and of course shops. The Notting Hill carnival did not emerge until the year 1958 as an unofficial reply to the race riots. Ever since that year, the carnival has continually grown, seeing about millions of people every year. In the sixties and the seventies, the West London district used to be home to hippies, bohemians and musicians and it was not until the year 1990 that the area was invaded by wealthy buyers that set around communal gardens.

Close to Imperial College

The Imperial College is an awarded British institution near Notting Hill, London that specializes in higher education and vocational training. The educational institution is constantly expanding the curriculum and the course design. Taking into consideration that the college is dedicated to providing excellence and genuinely cares for students, you should not miss the opportunity of developing your potential and moving forward in your career. If you are in the area or planning to be in the area, then you should definitely tour the facilities and the surrounding areas.

When you are not at lectures

If you are a passionate runner, then you may be looking for a neighbourhood that is not very expensive. A good neighbourhood for students is the one located between Notting Hill and Paddington. This place has a lot to offer in terms of takeaways, a cosy mall, small coffee shops and gyms. In the west district, there is always something to discover. Not only can you find authentic Italian pizza, luxurious restaurants and English antiques. In addition to the communal garden, there is a number of cycling routes, sports clubs and yoga and Pilates centres.

Cultural and social attractions

If you are interested in culture, then you will definitely enjoy the Notting Hill Arts Club. This music and arts venue holds club nights every night of the week and the range of events covers everything from Soviet nights to Death Disco club nights. Another option that you have is going to the Electric Cinema to see the latest blockbusters, but if you are looking for cultural attractions, the Gate Picturehouse is a good choice.