It is time to visit Split – find here why

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Have you decided where do you want to spend your next holiday? If not, then you should consider Split, Croatia. Split is the 2nd largest city after Zagreb and since Game of Thrones was aired more and more tourists choose this destination for their vacation. To be honest, you will love every aspect of this old town, and even if you have not considered until now to have a guided excursion, when arriving there you will definitely want to do it. The majority of people think of Slip as a weekend destination, but when they arrive there, they want to spend more time, because this city needs more than two days to be discovered. Here are the main reasons why you should not have second thoughts, and book one of the guided excursions in Croatia right now.

Visit the old town

Yes, this is the advice you will get for every town, but this time you should also listen to this advice, because there is no other old town more beautifully preserved than this one, and you will notice how different centuries intersect in this single place. The old town is found in the UNESCO heritage sites list and we can say no more, because you understand that it is a treasure and its beauty will charm you. When arriving there you should visit the Diocletian palace, because it offers you a clear image of the past. The roman emperor has designed this palace in a fancy way and it could be reached by boat. Also, do not forget to put on your list the cathedral of Saint Dominus, because it has an impressive history.

A view that takes your breath away

If you would meet someone, who was in Split, they will tell you that they went up on the hill and they had a fantastic overlook from that point. You will find impossible to move from there a couple of minutes. It is called the Marajan Hill and you will not find difficult to get there. If you want to spend more time admiring the view, you have the possibility to enjoy a coffee on the top of the hill, because there is located a coffee shop.

Go to the beach

When it comes to visiting a Mediterranean city this is one of the main activities people have in mind. And Split offers you the possibility to get tanned on some of the most famous beaches from Europe. If you want to visit one close to the city centre, then you should try the Bacvice beach. Also, if you want to travel a little far away from the town, you can book a tour and visit the Croatian Islands, because they are close to Split. You can find multiple providers that organise one-day-trips to these locations, and it is such a pity no to see these beauties while being in Croatia. You can get to the islands with the help of a boat, so you will not even have to spend time on the road.