Indian cuisine – an international phenomenon

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From the farthest corners of East Asia to the cobbled streets of Paris, Indian restaurants seem to have taken over the world. In Australia, for instance, where there is a large Indian community, the demand comes from nationals who want to enjoy the taste of genuine Indian food while abroad. However, not only Indians adore their traditional cuisine. In fact, this exotic gastronomy made its way in the international menu of success and, nowadays, one of the most profitable local business ideas is to open an Indian restaurant. There’s something about this type of food that makes it irresistible even to the people who aren’t accustomed to wholesome, spicy food. The blend of ingredients, the interesting flavors and the welcoming, cozy atmosphere in Indian restaurants are just some of the key elements that make this cuisine so popular and there is also the fact that Indian food is quite affordable. If you check an Indian restaurant directory, you will see that even the smallest cities have at least one or two establishments that sell Indian food.

Why are Indian restaurants so popular? One of the reasons is that they offer numerous culinary possibilities for everyone. On the one hand, there are small takeaways for those who want to enjoy their meal on the go. On the other hand, there are also cozy and welcoming restaurants ran by Indians, which offer a wide variety of dishes, both simple and complex. The interesting thing about these restaurants (unlike the average Italian or Chinese restaurant) is that they are genuine and try to preserve not only the spirit of the food, but also the spirit of the county and of Indian culture in general. One specific detail that seems to make the difference is the attitude of the waiters, which are very polite and friendly.


Needless to say, in a country as large as Australia, for instance, you can also find five star Indian restaurants that serve Indian delicacies in an elegant setting that is also suitable for business meetings. However, if other five star restaurants tend to become austere and formal, Indian restaurants preserve the charm and hospitality that they are known for. Indians who like travelling are not likely to feel homesick, at least not in terms of food, because there are so many nice Indian restaurants all over the world that they’ll always find a good place to eat. Sometimes, gastronomy is a reason to travel and those who have tried Indian cuisine in the cities they live in have decided to also travel to India in order to experience more of it. If you are one of the lucky people to go on the Indian adventure, you’ll definitely love it, because the experience is amazing. Who knows, maybe it will even be the highlight of your trip! However, if you can’t go to India, you can still get a taste of their exotic food in one of the many local buffets and restaurants open all over the world.