Great places to ride waves around the world

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If you are a surfer, then you already have a favorite spot where you love to spend your time. But this does not mean that you are not in the search for new ones, so you should make sure that you read what other surfers have to say. The perfect place to ride waves is the one where seafloor, swell, wind, tides and direction meet. Wind is the one that influences the quality of the waves, but its condition is created by multiple factors, as the direction of the swell, interaction and force.

Bali, Caggu

If you were to visit Caggu a decade ago, you would find there only a black-sand beach with rice paddies and one food shack. Only intermediate surfers have chosen this destination in the past, but nowadays the things have changed. There are some amazing places where you can stay, and there is a wellness-crowd vibe you get everywhere you go. If you want to mix surfing with parties, then you can try the juices from Shady Shack, and their vegan food.

Australia, Gold Coast, Superbank

If you want to take your tablas de paddle surf to the paradise of the surfers, then you should choose this location. It features more than 70 km of beaches and you can try one of the four epic point breaks. One of them is the famous Superbank, seen as one of the finest break of the world. If you travel here, you will have the ride of your life, because it is able to create solid walls and tubes. Gold Coast is the place, surfers visit for many decades and it is one of the most extensive areas that can accommodate large numbers of surfers at a time. If you want to find new surf buddies, then travel to Australia.

Hawaii, Oahu, Pipeline

If you are looking for the best place to travel in the United States, than this one is Oahu. It is considered one of the most popular surfing spots of the world and professionals rank it as one of the best surfing places for the ones who have experience. As a surfer, you have definitely dreamt to tide at least once the crest of the Pipeline, because everyone considers it the big daddy of the waves. Here you will find one of the heaviest waves on Earth. Oahu is seen as the one that created surfing. Here you will find waves that can grow taller than six meters, so if you want to have a breath-taking experience, then you should travel here.

Ireland, County Donegal, Bundoran Beach

If you are a seasoned surfer, then you will definitely like this place. It is not advisable for beginners to try it, because the rolling waves that come from the moody Atlantic can cause you difficulties and it can be dangerous. This place is seen as one of the best places to surf from Europe, because here were recorded huge waves that bounce off flat rock reefs and headlands. You should think at the type of waves you prefer, and choose one of these destinations for your next trip.