Ensuring safety While Snorkeling in the Turks

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Snorkeling involves swimming through or on a body of water using certain equipment like swim fins, snorkel (breathing tube) and diving mask.  Turkey is one of the many places on the globe where you can snorkel all you want. The ocean surrounding the country has several great sites for snorkeling, and you can include snorkeling into your activities next time you visit Turkey. In this write-up, you will learn about some of the most excellent tips you must keep in mind while snorkeling.

Wear the mask properly

When you put on your snorkeling mask, make sure it is properly worn. Find out if the cover stays in a place and also seals perfectly. Water will leak into the mask if air leaks in, which is the reason to make it fit perfectly. All your hair must also be kept out of the seal. You may equally shave your mustache or place chapstick below your nose to get a gasket. It is also perfect for the strap to fit snugly towards the top back and at the most extensive area of the head. Water will still seep in if the mask is worn just at the base of the head.

Reach back and check the strap if water flows in while snorkeling. Make sure the mask is not worn too tightly.

Wearing the fin

The fin must also fit in snugly. However, it must not be too tight; you may end up with cramps, a curled toe or get hurt if the fin is too tight.  When shopping for a fin, buy a pair that is slightly bigger than your size.  The fins can be worn very easily on wet feet. You need a pair of fins to swim properly during snorkeling, and according to Grand Slam Charters you must buy the right size also so that you can enjoy every snorkeling moment.

Learn how to defog

You need to know how to defog for a smooth snorkeling experience while in Turkey. Keep a defogging material close by while going on boat charters in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  The material can help clear of the fogs that may settle on your lenses so that you can see the front clearly. Aside from gel products, you can also use baby shampoo or crushed leaves for defogging.  After applying the shampoo, just wash it away using ocean water

Breathing practice

Breathing practice is another important consideration while snorkeling. Before you dip your head into the ocean water, first practice your breathing through the snorkel. Breathe through the tube before you put on your mask.  Never make the mistake of biting the tube. Also, do not rest your teeth on your jaw to avoid getting a sore. Some breathing exercise will be of great help. Breathing practice can increase your confidence, especially if you are a newbie in snorkeling.


There are many other tips to consider while snorkeling in the Turks, but the few tips given above can go a long way to make your snorkeling a safe and interesting experience. Always relax when snorkeling and it will make the exercise a pleasurable one. It is not wise to push the limits, especially if this is your first time.