Djibouti Will Dominate Travel Agendas in 2019 – Here’s Why

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Those looking for incredible travel experiences, off the beaten path can surely enjoy the wonders that Djibouti has to offer. This tiny African travel destination is certainly one impressive place to visit. After all, the small country makes the Lonely Plant’s top places to visit in 2018. And if you haven’t dealt with this in 2018, we strongly encourage you to do so in 2019. This small destination has swang in its history between Arabic and French domination and the cuisine and cultural heritage have been immensely influenced by this.

While tourists haven’t bothered to discover this small destination until recently, it gains more and more popularity due to its unique positioning and incredible landscapes that resemble the Star Was set will surely make all visitor’s delight. Plus, with all those fusion restaurants in the area, you most certainly want to give this unexpected destination a shot before you dismiss it due to its secluded location. But more reasons why this place will surely dominate the travel agendas of most visitors in 2019, below.

A Gorgeous Landscape

If you are a photographer, then you will certainly enjoy this travel destination. It’s basically a photographer’s dream came true. Djibouti is situated in the Afar Triple Junction which is situated in the exact place where the three tectonic plates of the Earth meet. Safaris are not a common occurrence in this region like they are in other parts of Africa but the dusty plains and salt surfaces will certainly disrupt the way in which you perceive beauty. The coasts are surrounded by sparkling blue water and the view is the perfect space for incredible photos.

The Food is Incredible

The food in Djibouti is by far one of the most refined culinary experiences that you will encounter here. The seafood is always fresh and if you find the best restaurant in Djibouti you are very likely to enjoy some fusion meals in a stunning environment, where the passion for food melts into the intricate spices and top-quality wine. Around the world, Djibouti is known as a foodie paradise, so you should go ahead and visit this place if food is one of your main motivators in life. we mentioned in the beginning that the country was under French and Arabian dominance for quite some time and thus, we guarantee that the French food that you’ll end up heating here is by far the most intricate and certainly amazing that you will ever encounter.

Tips for Your First Trip to Djibouti

Like in many other cases, packing the perfect luggage is the key to an unforgettable and unique (as well as comfortable) travel experiences. Winter is the best interval to visit Djibouti since the air is cooler and more breathable. This makes most activities approachable and entertaining. If you visit during the summer, which is not ideal, you should expect temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius.

These are some of the reasons why you should expect to see this travel destination on all travel lists next year. Pack your bags and have some fun!


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