Car rental agencies – questions to ask them before renting a car

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The internet is definitely the best source to find everything you might be interested in, including car rental agencies. Whenever you are travelling, you should know that the best way to save time and even money is to rent a car once you arrive at your destination. This means that you have to look for an agency that provides this type of services before you actually go on your holiday and one good example of such agency is Aberdeen Click and Drive. Here is a list of questions you should ask them before renting a car from them.

Do I get to choose the type of car that I want?

This is probably the first question that pops up in people’s minds when it comes to vehicle rental services and it is also worth asking the agency. You should know that each company has a selection of available vehicles, so in case you are interested in a specific type of car, you should definitely ask the agency to check whether or not they can provide you with it.

Can the car be returned to a different location?

This is highly important to know before renting a vehicle. Agencies in this industry have different policies and some of them may offer their customers the chance to return the car to another city or state for instance. Ask the agency if they have other branches across the country and if they allow you to return their car wherever suits you best.

Is there a certain amount of gas that should be in the tank in the end?

This is another question you should not forget asking when dealing with car rental agencies. Most companies do specify that the person who rents the car should return it with a certain amount of gasoline in the tank, so it is best to discuss about this aspect from the very beginning in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from occurring.

Will I be charged extra if I do not return it on time?

This is also something that needs to be discussed with the rental agency before singing any contract. Some companies do accept that their customers return the cars with one or two hours delay, but in case this period is exceeded as well, there are high chances those companies charge their customers with extra fees of partial or even full day’s rate.

What is to be done in case of car accidents?

The rental company is obliged to provide a 24/7 telephone number that people can call in case such unfortunate events occur. In case of car accidents or simple breaks down, the agency should be able to provide customers with new vehicles in order to complete that rental period established in the beginning, but some of them may also charge extra, so it is best to talk about these details as well.

As you can see, these are some of the most important questions you should ask a car rental agency before making any deals with them.